My perfect steak

I’ve been trying to perfect my own steak recipe for a while now (well since my local Woolworths stock some nice juicy bone in rib-eye pieces!). I’ve been using a combination of oven and pan-frying to ensure the steak is evenly cooked in the center, yet charred and brown on the outside. A good piece of steak should require no marinade, all that’s required is olive oil, salt and pepper. Here’s the result of my steak (as you can see it’s served with a nice salad and roasted vegies), the steak itself is a perfect medium rare. The steak here was about 450grams, pretty big piece but Woolworths will occasionally have pieces up to 700grams!

Steak, salad and roast vegies

The outside however is not the important bit, what’s important is the inside. Below is how a steak should be, first thing you’ll notice is that it’s pink, not red. Second thing you’ll notice is that the pink-ness runs right from the top to the bottom. Why is this a good thing? Firstly pink means it is cooked but not enough to turn it brown and chewy, being pink it remains super juicy and tender. The consistency of the pink-ness means that it’s cooked throughout and evenly, not like most steak places where the middle is actually red/raw and the outside is done.

Perfectly pink

So how do you get a steak this good? Firstly you need a good piece of meat, it’s gotta be thick and good quality, don’t bother doing this with a cheap rump or t-bone. Second trick is the oven, while this seams to go against everything for cooking a steak, an oven allows you to bring the internal temperature of the meat slowly without overcooking the outside. Finally, resting time, this is super important! Resting it will allow it to cook and soak up the juices so that when you cut it open, liquid doesn’t come oozing out.

Now this wasn’t a proper guide to how to do it, but I feel that I can do it consistently enough to do a proper write up and instructions. Next time I’ll take photos along the way to show you the cooking process.

Perhaps the next time I do this will be with a more expensive cut of beef, perhaps a well marbled Wagyu.

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