The best and biggest burger. Ever. Seriously.

I’ve known about this place for a long time now, but today, I know what it looks like, what it smells like and most importantly what it tastes like. We’ve all seen those giant burgers from Killa burger, but you’ve never seen a giant burger like this before and it’s not only amazing because it’s big, it’s amazing because it’s also tasty. Today I made the trek up to the North West to Gunderman (way beyond the Hill District) 90km from my area and 1.5 hours of driving lands me in a little area called Gunderman. It’s right by the Hawkesbury River and there’s a little cafe called Wombat Cafe.

The Wombat Cafe

Blink and you’ll miss the place, it’s a little turn off Wisemans Ferry road (map all the way at the end). Being a lovely day it was a nice drive with the top-down, there’s plenty of twisty roads to make for a fun drive. When we got there, we saw the signs, Australia’s biggest burger and our faces just lit up.

Home of the 1.7kg big burger

Now 1.7kg sounds amazing and so does that picture but that’s not what we were here for. We wanted the monster 2.4kg Double Wombat Burger with the works. What does that get you? 500 gram bun (more like a loaf), 2x 500 gram Angus beef patties, bacon, egg, cheese, caramelised onion, tomato, pinapple, various salads and whatever sauce you like.

2.4kg of mighty burger

How good does that look?! We were just in awe as it came out on a cutting board with knife ready to share (there’s no way in hell you could finish that on your own) although the owner of the place has told us there had been 6 people who had finished a slightly smaller version (1.7kg one without the second meat patty). We carefully dissected the burger to share and had our first look at its delicious insides.

The guts of the burger

Seriously tasty, but that’s not all that’s amazing about this joint. The owner makes his own home-made chilli sauce and that thing is amazing! It’s quite hot (despite him making it more mild) but at the same time has a bit of sweetness to it, not a sweet chilli sauce sweet, but something and holy crap it is simply divine. It’s so good that we asked him if we could buy a bottle of it. The burger itself is fantastic, very down-to-earth, nothing fancy like relish or exotic herbs and spicies, it’s simple and well-cooked. It’s also not greasy as you’d expect and the variety of fillings makes for a different flavour with every bite. It’s got everything a burger should have, just supersized. We made one grave mistake though and that was by ordering a second burger. As it cooked, our bodies had a little time to digest we were getting quite full as it came out and finishing it was a real struggle.


Tiny bit of bacon leftover but we were seriously stuffed after the second one. Would definitely recommend this place despite the long drive and I’ll definitely be coming back here again. It’s simply amazing.

Probably important bit of information is how do you get there? It’s along Wisemans Ferry road up north, you’ll need to come sort of through the Hills District (if you’re from the west) or Hornsby if you’re out East.

Do a search for Riverlands Caravan Park if you need to find it.

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