New shoes – Nike Free Run+ 3

Did a group buy of some shoes from Eastbay with their 20% off and thought it’d be a good idea to get some new runners, nothing particularly wrong with my current Addidas ones, but I’ve heard some good things about these Nike Free Runs, so what better what to see what the fuss is about than to buy a pair for myself. Buying from Eastbay, the shoes are rather cheap, only $100 USD for the pair, the shipping costs however pretty much wipe out the savings from the coupon code. Same pair in Australia from Foot Locker goes for $160, no competition.

Nike describes the shoes as:

The Nike Free Run+ 3 Men’s Running Shoe offers a barefoot-like ride with the cushioning, traction and underfoot protection of a traditional shoe. Its low-profile midsole doubles as an outsole, dramatically reducing overall weight.

First thing I noticed from picking up the box is, “wow, this is light! Is there even anything in here?!” but fortunately for me when I opened the box there a pair of lovely blue and white shoes inside.

The shoe material is a nice and soft one and in doing so it moulds well to your feet when you put them on, while I haven’t tested this, the meshy material feels like it would breathe well and hopefully not cramp up the feet.

The sole of the shoe however, is where things get interesting, they’re no longer a single piece of rubber, but instead it forms more like a grid. The forwards and backwards rolling motion creates a large amount flex in the sole and a little bit of flex from left to right, certainly interesting.

With little pressure, you can get the shoe to flex a fair bit, notice where the grid-like grooves allow the shoe to flex? Pretty awesome. I haven’t actually gone for a proper run/jog in them yet, but wearing them to the gym today, they’re definitely very comfortable and the flex doesn’t feel awkward at all, in fact, it feels even better. Not quite barefoot as there’s still a fair bit of cushioning, but you don’t feel restricted by the shoe. Will report back if I get a chance to go for a run this weekend, but so far, definitely would recommend them and for $100, it’s a simple decision.

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