Few things for the MX5

I actually bought this a while ago but never put a photo of it up, decided I need some more body support during track days, I bought a Sparco Sprint V fixed bucket seat. Off the MX5 forums, it was a decent buy at $450 with side holsters as well as being already mounted on stock rails. This means it’s about a 10 minute process to swap out the seats; having a soft top means it’s a simple job.

I do like the snugness of the seat, it sits a bit lower than stock and actually gives me enough room to heel-toe in shoes, I find with the stock seat, I’m lacking a tiny bit of room to be able to swing my heel across. Gives you a bit more confidence with spirited driving as you’re snug and feel the car. Being a fixed bucket though, it’s a pain in the arse to get in and out, with that in mind, I ended up switching back to the stock seat.

While buying the used seat, I did get a glimpse of the owner’s Malibu gold car and one thing I especially liked about it was a black duck tail spoiler he had, interestingly enough it was a Mazda OEM part but I had never seen one before. A while later, I decided I wanted one too and searched on ebay, without too much difficulty I found one.

And even better? It was a Titanium coloured one! This was brilliant news, it meant I could buy it and have it installed in the original colour as well as giving me the option to vinyl wrap it to provide that black contrast! Plenty of options, I haven’t had a chance to install it yet as it does require drilling into the boot lid.

Here’s a mock fitting.

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