New shoes for the MX5

I was starting to need some new tyres for the MX5 as I hard forgotten to rotate them and the rears are now rather worn, the fronts were still okay but the tyres were getting a bit old and hard. Looking around on some forums I found a rather good deal, $675 for a set of 4 Bridgestone Potenza Adrenaline RE002’s.

Not only that, but they came with a set of original NB8B rims as well! To top it off, when I came to pick them up, the rims were spotless, hardly a mark on them at all, very happy.

Initial impressions was they’re pretty grippy compared to the old Goodyear Eagle F1’s which were originally on. Did notice it was harder to slip starting from standstill and they just seemed to have that little bit more edge around corners. Will have to do a proper trackday to put it though its paces and report back.

I’m a bit torn about the rims though, I do prefer the look of the Enkei rims which came with the Titanium edition, but I don’t think I’m bothered enough to switch the tyres over.

Yes, the dent from months ago is still there when some tard reversed into it at Canley Vale and never left a note.

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