misschu – Bondi Beach

Being summer, it’s hard to stray far from the beaches and not many are better than Bondi beach, the nice thing about Bondi is a large variety of shopping and restaurants, I decided to visit a nice little Vietnamese joint called misschu – queen of rice paper rolls.

It’s got a somewhat rustic feel inside and out which gives a nice casual atmosphere. There’s an outdoor seated area which is reminiscent of the street stores of Vietnam and in the winter time, blankets are provided to keep you warm! How awesome is that?!

Well the food? The food here does stay pretty traditional with a few variations on your true Vietnamese dishes, to start we had a few rice paper rolls, the first was the Tiger Prawn & Green mango and the second was the Roast Duck & Banana Flower.

Both rolls are filled with the traditional herbs; spear mint, thai basil, Vietnamese mint, purple perilla, etc. The result is an explosion of flavour in your mouth when combined with the hoisin/peanut sauce and fish sauce. Light and refreshing in flavour, great for a summery entree.

The mains we decided upon were the Vietnamese crepe/pancake – Banh Xeo with both pork and prawns and also the barbeque chicken.

For those that don’t know, the Banh Xeo is a yellow savoury crepe filled with prawns and pork as well as bean sprouts (or similar variations) fried in a skillet and folded in half. Here are misschu you’re presented with the banh xeo, a variety of herbs and lettuce, rice paper and fish sauce.

To eat it, you wet the rice paper in the warm water provided, add your lettuce and herbs and the banh xeo, wrap it up and dip. Taste wise it’s delicious and tastes very homely, the crepe has a nice crunch and there’s a decent amount of filling to keep you satisfied.

The barbeque chicken is pretty well cooked with a nice charcoal flavour, it’s served on a bed of lettuce and complimented with some cucumber and picked carrots and radish as well as some fish sauce. Flavours are mild but it makes for a refreshing dish.

Drinks wise we enticed ourselves to some cocktails, one was a lychee and mint crush with vodka while the other was a pineapple and mint crush with white rum. Lychee was the better pick with as it seemed to mesh better with the mint infused.

Other quirks of the restaurant? They provide delivery on scooters, so if you’re rather local to one of them, you can have the food delivered to your door (you can even order online!). The kitchen is open so you can see the chefs at work, a rather rare sight for a restaurant that serves Vietnamese cuisine to do so. Staff there are knowledgeable and friendly and made the experience enjoyable.

Overall the food is tasty, the flavours are well combined and the dishes remain faithful to their origins, the restaurant has a nice atmosphere to catch up with friends. The food is a little pricey for what I’m used to, the meal cost us close to $80 with the cocktails, taking the drinks away it’s still $50, you can find similar food in Cabramatta for about half the price.

Verdict: Tasty food that sticks to its origins and good atmosphere
Cost: Pricey for what it is (i.e. comparing to the west), $80 was spent for all of the above.
More info: http://www.misschu.com.au/
Location: 178 Campbell Parade, Bondi Beach

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