A spoiler and some carbon fibre

Well not real carbon fibre 😉 but decided to add some touches using the 3M carbon fibre vinyl wrap. The first point of attack is the centre console, just the bit that surrounds the gear stick.

The stock form for the titanium edition MX5 is a silver trim.

The plan was to wrap it in the carbon fibre vinyl which has the nice fibrous texture as well. Here’s how it looks wrapped.

Process wasn’t as easy as I was expecting as the adhesive wasn’t as strong as I had thought, tricky corners were hard to wrap nicely. Pretty happy with the end result and the flaws are almost invisible when re-installed. Need to buy myself another sheet to do the stereo surrounds.

The other mod that I had put off for a while is the install of my spoiler, it’s an OEM Mazda one, I was deciding what to do with it but thought I might as well install it as is while deciding.

The instructions aren’t the best, with dodgy translations, but it’s pretty simple. Stick on the template for the middle hole, drill til it’s about 10mm wide. Line the two side templates into the spoiler and lightly attach, place the spoiler onto the boot and stick the templates down. Remove and the location to drill is there.

The most difficult bit was the replacing of the tension balancers which push the boot up, I was a bit careless when taking them off and didn’t realise how they sat exactly. However, once I realised there was a groove for them, it was exactly the same as removal.

Here’s how it looks from the rear.

And another shot.

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