Daft Punk and Wee Waa?!

It’s probably the most bizarre news about one of the largest and most influential electronic music group I’ve ever read, and personally, I think it’s too bizarre and elaborate to be a big hoax. French duo Daft Pank are launching their eagerly awaited forth studio album entitled ‘Random Access Memories’ at a rural town of Wee Waa (pronounced ‘wee-war’) in NSW, Australia.


Wait, what? This can’t be serious.

For those who aren’t familiar wit this new album, some interesting videos have been posted on the official website featuring insights from the collaborators of the album: www.randomaccessmemories.com

Details are sketchy still, but so far we know the following:

  • The album launch is to happen side-by-side to the annual Wee Waa show, an agricultural show featuring showgirls, pet show, cross cut saw show and fireworks.
  • Their album will be debuted along with a visual show at sunset on May 17th.
  • Tickets are released at 9am Friday 12/04 and can be found at www.crossingtheatre.com.au > ‘Cinema & Cafe’ > Buy tickets, alternatively follow the prompts to ‘The Crossing Theatre’ at http://www.venuetickets.com.au/
  • Tickets limited to 4000 and members of the Wee Waa society are entitled to first dibs. Also, a small number went on sale Tuesday night as a glitch in the ticketing system enabled tickets to be purchased ahead of release.

What’s still up in the air?

  • The all important question of, ‘Will Daft Punk be there?’ Current signs are pointing to no, however no source has confirmed this. We’ve been stated the following:
    • Triple j (link) has stated ‘Daft Punk will not be performing live at the 2013 Wee Waa show’.
      • Does this mean they won’t be performing at the actual show? i.e. the launch itself is somewhat detached from the agricultural show?
    • The Crossing Theatre (link) has stated ‘DAFT PUNK WILL NOT BE IN ATTENDANCE AT THE WEE WAA SHOW”
      • Again I have the same thoughts as above.
    • I’m still hopeful their presence will be there, seeing as it’s a global launch and not a localised/national launch.
  • Ticket prices – the initial batch of leaked tickets were priced at $60+bf, inthemix (link) had also stated them as going for $60ea, however the current listed price on venue tickets is $35 and a lanyard is included.
  • What is the whole deal going to be like? Rural town, heaps of land, I could imagine myself lying down Daft Punk blazing while staring up at a sky full of stars.

More info:

If you want to be a part of this, don’t forget, tickets are on sale at 9am Friday, 12th of April.

Some of Daft’s last tunes from Tron soundtrack.

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