From yesteryear – Chicane – Autumn Tactics (Thrillseeker remix)

Something a little more down-tempo, perhaps a bit too much for a Friday but listening to the ASOT 600 compilation is bringing so many classic tunes back and this is one of my faves from yesteryear (2000 to be exact).

It features the lovely vocals of Justine Suissa, a name that’s been synonymous with trance for decades.


Deep river runs its course,
to the warm horizon
Shadow of falling leaves,
October moon and rusty skies.
Ever changing feelings.
The seeds of Autumn in my mind.
October moon and rusty skies


The hiding sun,
like the hiding sun.
Feels like it’s just begun.
The hiding sun,
like the hiding sun.
Waiting for summer sun.

Hiding summer’s age no more,
no more leaves in summer sky.
Turning dark on empty car lots,
when summer was my only friend
Say you’re back this way again.
Winter’s one breath away
Say you’re back this way again.
Winter’s one breath way
It’s turning cold.

(chorus repeats)

3 thoughts on “From yesteryear – Chicane – Autumn Tactics (Thrillseeker remix)”

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