New theme and I’m ready to blog more

Was getting sick of my current theme as I felt it didn’t really reflect what my blog was and what I wanted with it. I looked around but nothing really appealed off the bat, but I eventually chose this one called ‘Expound’ and added some of my own little touches. I like being able to have a header and background image, something I can easily change to spruce up the page.

With a new theme in place, I really need to get back into blogging, I’m contemplating having a camera around with me everywhere so I can capture more of the things that go on around. I also have a whole heap of catching up to do

Quite a few things which have happened over the past few year which I haven’t gotten around to, the list from the top of my head is:

  1. ASOT 600 KL videos and photos
  2. Photos from Malaysia
  3. Trip to Wee Waa for the Daft Punk album launch
  4. Vivid 2013 including a montage/video I made
  5. More eatings – I’m Angus, Cafe Sydney

Until I get round to it, here’s a song on my mind:

The tune is ‘Come with me’ by Nora En Pure.

I’m really digging a lot of the more chilled and progressive house tunes, to be honest I don’t know where to start and so far have just been grabbing stuff from the monthly Beatport top 100

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