Connoisseur ice cream – Australian collection

Being sick last week with an infected throat I wanted something soft and cold to make me better, I’d seen images of some funky Connoisseur ice cream flavours floating around Facebook but I hadn’t seem them in the supermarkets. As part of my quest to make some pumpkin soup, I wandered over to the ice cream section and I found them!

Because they’re smaller tubs they’re not lumped in the same compartment as the regular Connoisseur ice cream (which is my favourite ice cream from the supermarket).

Australian Collection
Australian Collection

I grabbed myself a ‘Snowy Mountain blueberry crumble’ and a ‘Derwent Valley raspberry with white chocolate’ (you can see I like my berry flavours). My favourite out of the two would have to be the blueberry crumble, it’s flavour is fresh but not overly sweet and the bits of crumble are generous and break up the sweet flavours. I found the Derwent Vallery Raspberry a bit too sweet despite liking white chocolate a fair bit, there’s a lot of white chocolate bits inside the ice cream but sizing varied and there were some pretty big chunks and the raspberry flavours didn’t come through as well.



As I just found out, there are 4 flavours in the set and the remaining are ‘Murray River salted caramel with chocolate coated hazelnut’ and ‘Kangaroo Island honey with fig’; definitely gotta give them a go too.

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