HSV/NSCC drive day

Another track day at Wakefield had popped up and I decided (at last minute) to join the crew and sign up. The day was hosted by the HSV club of NSW in conjunction with the Nissan Sports Car Club (NSCC) – 8 sessions on the track for $200, not a bad deal, so off I went.

This time round there wouldn’t be much difference from the first track day with JDM yard – only difference was a set of tyres, instead of some aged Goodyear F1’s, I’d have fresh Bridgestone Potenza RE002s. With NatSoft timing as well, I could be sure that the laps I was putting down were real and timed accurately.

Quick video from the day – unfortunately didn’t capture my quickest lap:

Ended up beating my PB by a rather large margin – 1:18:518. Extremely happy with this time and think I’ve got a little bit more to go, a mid 1:17 would be the next target. Fastest time was with the roof down and hopefully means I have a bit more from having the roof up.

The day was spent with Phil and Johnny from trak-life (read more about their day at: http://www.trak-life.com/trackday-chronicles-iv-fast-forward-to-the-present/) Tom C, Mowad and Angus. Plenty more came to cheer us on including the lovely Karyne and Brooke who were probably bored and nauseous from the petrol fumes and other support including Gab, Susan and Hieu.

Some pictures from the day (more to come in another post).

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