Armin Only and Cafe Del Mar announced!

Two very exciting announcements out today for Sydney today which has got me pretty stoked. The first? World’s number 1 DJ Armin van Buuren has announced his Armin Only world tour for his artist album ‘Intense’. The second? World famous beach front bar in Ibiza known for its chill out music and amazing sunsets.

Watch the announcement trailer on youtube below:

As usual the Armin Only moniker refers to the fact that it’s simply Armin running the show, from warm up to close; a mind-blowing 6+ hours! This means a proper journey into music, something you never get at a festival and a totally different experience.


Further to this; it’s more than just the DJ, it’s an intricate mix of production and live performances, in the past we’ve had drummers, Benno from Rank1 on keyboards, Justine Suissa smashing out a spine chilling Burned with Desire to close 2008.

Details so far?
Date: June 7 and 8 2014 (Queen’s Birthday Long Weekend)
Location: Melbourne HiSense Arena and Sydney Showgrounds Exhibition hall (respectively)

Venue is a little disappointing because nothing beats the Hordern for dance.

The next announcement has come as a major surprise, Cafe Del Mar is coming to Sydney. The bar is set to launch in Mid November and takes over the former site of Coast Restaurant.


The new venue promises to be more a restaurant and lounge bar focussing on good food and a large selection of cocktails as opposed to clubbing experience.

Can’t wait til both of these things. Make sure you go watch some Armin Only vids and listen to Cafe del Mar albums to get the hype going.

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    Venue Magazine

    Café Del Mar Beach Club for St Kilda: Venue Magazine has heard from Café Del Mar Australia’s Michael Vale that a beachside Café Del Mar Beach Club will definitely be opening in St Kilda. Here’s what we know: There will be three bars and one café featuring branded booze and signature coffee; there will be a Mediterranean Charcoal Grill featuring ‘dancing fire’ and a revolving tapas bar; Massive digital screens featuring Ibiza sunsets during the winter months; and total capacity of 500 over three levels with a ‘massive’ open air rooftop patio.

    For further info call Cafe Del Mar Australia founder
    Mr. Michael Vale

    1. Hooray for Cafe Del Mar Melbourne! At last we will have somewhere to go to totally “Chill Out” and enjoy a Victorian Sunset in real style.

      Bring it on Michael Vale

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