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So flying to London for the big switch was with Emirates Business Class, and what can I say? This is the way to fly (but not if you’re paying the full cost). The difference between this and Economy is astounding! With Emirates, it’s comforting knowing you have someone to drop you off at the airport (even if its leaving home at 3am in the morning) and someone to pick you up at your destination.

The first thing I noticed stepping on board is they have a lot of staff serving the top deck. The leg from Sydney to Dubai was pretty empty, we probably had a 1:1 ratio of staff to passengers.

Then you get to your seat and its like your own little cubicle, water and soft drink provided in a little mini-bar to your side and so much storage to place your things for easy access, there’s a little table to place your belongings.

Champagne on arrival too, even at 6am. Why not?

In terms of kit, there’s heaps of things to keep you comfortable, pillow and quilt and when you’re ready to sleep, a topper that goes on your seat to turn it into a comfy bed.

There’s heaps of storage so you don’t have to balance things on your lap or constantly go to the overhead bins. Storage for your shoes too!

1:2:1 configuration means there’s no one to disturb if you need to leave for the bathroom, or the bar.

The comfort pack is a nice bag from Bvlgari with essentials like a toothbrush and proper toothpaste (that doesn’t taste like ass), shaving kit, moisturiser, cologne and more!

Entertainment wise, you get a huge screen in front of you as well as a tablet for additional browsing if you like, talk about overkill!

Next is towels, hot towels all the time! Towels on arrival, towels before meals and after meals too!

Food is next level and makes you feel like you’re in a restaurant, the hostess comes by and asks you for your choice form the menu (the leg from Dubai to London had choices of 4 dishes for entrée, mains and dessert!)

First meal was breakfast, omelette with sausages, potato gratin and fresh fruit with yoghurt.

Second meal was a pumpkin soup entree and hot bread followed by a filet mignon which still had a slight pink centre. No dessert because I was quite full.

Last meal was a entree of salmon and cream cheese and seared tuna. A main of lamb shank and mash followed by a chocolate cheese cake for dessert.

Plenty of alcohol to go round as well with a nice choice of wines and plenty of premium spirits. Canapes, nuts and snacks were always present at the bar in the rear as well. Great way to break up the flight.

As great as the experience was, I doubt I’d ever pay the actual cost of a business class flight though.

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