Made my way to London

Been meaning to write a post before I actually moved but my last-minute nature meant that I was still packing til the last minute. I think it was only once I finished packing and having a minute to breathe that it really hit me, that it’s actually happening and I’m not sure how ready I actually am. The 2 years on the Tier 5 Youth Mobility Visa sounds like a long time, but I know it’ll come by real quick.

It’s rather ironic that I say this, but really, the emotions are mixed. Excited to be in Europe, another country and something completely different! Sad with the realisation that I’m leaving so much behind, seeing K’s endless tears really solidified the scale of the transition, I know I’ve always passed it off and questioned how hard could it be. What’s going to be really different now is that I’ll be facing life challenges away from the support of family and friends and I think that’s the real challenge.

So, what’s next? Honestly I don’t really know. I’ve got high level plans on what I need to do, settle in, get a phone plan, start looking for jobs, but other than that, I don’t really know!

Which gets me thinking, what is it that I want to get out of these 2 years? Maybe:

  • Challenge myself and really get out of my comfort zone – what is it like to live without your close support network by your side?
  • What are the places I really want to see and go to? I’ve got a few festivals in mind, but man, Europe is a big place. Are there places I should go solo? Find strangers? or find friends?
  • There’s a few routines I’ve been trying to get into for a while, hopefully this can be an opportunity?
  • Live with random people? Despite moving out, I’m still living with cousins and I feel that gives you a lot more lee-way, I wonder what it’d be like with people you don’t know well.

Work-wise, I’ve thought to just revert back to being a Business Analyst role as I do find myself very comfortable there but I know I need to put thought into my career when I return home. Do I want to push the boundary take up a lead role? Do I want to try a different industry other than financial services?

There’s a lot to think about. I should have time to keep writing (hoping so too).

One thought on “Made my way to London”

  1. Yes to travelling solo, yes to finding friends, and yes to finding strangers!
    And yes yes yes to living with randoms (that you’re comfortable with) – you’re already out of your comfort zone so why not go the whole hog!?
    Good luck andrew ! You got this 😀

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