No flash on the A7, so what?

During dinner at Oscillate Wildly, I noticed a distinct problem when shooting with the A7. Firstly the 35mm wasn’t fast enough in the dimly lit restaurant and also remembered there’s no flash (not that I’d use it in a restaurant). It did lead me to question what to do if I needed some extra light.

Instead of a flash, I decided on a small LED panel, in particular the Aputure Amaran M9. It’s small, dimensions roughly of a credit card and about a cm thick. Figured it’d be a bit more versatile being able to hold it off camera as well as for any videos we’d want to record at night. It’s also very affordable, $59!

It’s got an inbuilt rechargeable battery and is decently bright given the small dimensions. The mount is a little bulky compared to the slim profile of the panel so I’m investigating options for a hot shoe mount that has a 1/4″ socket. I was hoping to use the GoPro arms to mount it as well, but that didn’t quite work out (plan was to use the tripod mounts end to end, but you can’t connect a 2nd tripod adapter).

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