Landing in London

Landing in London I was hoping for the Emirates chauffeur to hold up a sign with my name but alas it wasn’t meant to be. One perk that was amazing to have at Heathrow was the fast pass, there was a decent queue building and that would have taken a decent amount of time. I don’t know why Heathrow is so slow! But not this time! I was out in 10 minutes.

Baggage pickup was sweet because business class bags are tagged as priority! To my surprise the temperature outside was a nice 17 degrees despite being 9pm! Not as cold as I was expecting. Dropped off at my accommo which is just a little further than Shoreditch itself, in N1 still (London postcodes begin with a direction and number which increments the further you get from the centre, handy!).

The flats themselves are a little dingy on the outside and the inside’s pretty average. Small kitchen which is shared between 4 rooms! The bedroom itself is a decent size but you’ve gotta love the bedsheets. Butterflies!

I was hoping the accommo would be closer to empty but on arrival it was 2 singles in 2 other rooms. Not too bad.
The area itself is pretty quiet with a decent sized park right opposite (Shoreditch Park). Have tried to make a few running sessions there but it’s pretty damn cold in the morning!

Lazed around a bit the first full day and then tried to be organise and went to open a bank account! The trick that I read was to update your local bank account to a UK address and have that as proof of identity. Walked into a Barclay’s branch and the lady was happy with that! Unfortunately though, you need to have an appointment to open one and the wait was over a month for the next slot! Crazy! Also, it’s meant to take 45 minutes! Luckily though, the lady squeezed me in the morning.

Caught up with Evan for lunch and was good to see a familiar face. Went to a café by the water near Angel and opted for Partridge. Interesting meal, but even more interestingly was the fact I found 2 metal balls! I assumed it was the shrapnel/bullets used to kill the bird and further research suggests it’s kind of normal!

I do love the canals around the area, especially when it’s a lovely day.

Tried visiting another bank to see if I could get it done any quicker, Lloyd’s were ridiculous with their identification requirements! Think I’ll save all the admin headaches for another post!

Figured I’d try to be prepared and in some sort of a routine so I’ve bought groceries to cook brekkie. Toast with pate, rocket and eggs.

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