Walking around Westminster at 135mm

Bought a manual focus Samyang 135mm f2 just before I left and was planning a little more street-esque photography (read: trying to be a hipster). Took it out for a full day and it was quite a challenge.¬†Colours are a bit flat because it was overcast, and I’ve been lazy to process these too much.

I loved looking through a different perspective but it was really tight (ha!) and secondly it soon became very easy to get the same looking shots, especially of clock towers and tops of older buildings.

Westminster light posts (for the longest while I thought it Westminister)

Inside Someset Square, it says SKATE in the background as they’re setting up an ice rink here.

City skyline:

London eye, it’s rather huge and you can see it peaking in the background in so many places.

Picadilly Circus – had to look up why it’s called a circus, no not the one with clowns. Circus refers to a round space at a road junction.

A bit of symmetry:

At night there’s a bunch of super bright electronic screens/billboards that light up the entire circus. Also, these screens are mega sharp with a heap of detail!

You can see the building opposite just light up vividly

Smeg has some crazy looking kitchenware, look at the detail in the gas stove!

Westminster Abbey and The Palace of Westminster.

and the Big Ben, unfortunately the it’s under renovations for 2 years (and won’t even toll!).

St James Park was nice to walk around with a fair bit of wildlife.

Covent garden has a nice but small market, there were these cute wallets with dogs on them, but a fuck you to the lady at the stall. I was considerate enough to ask you for a photo first, as per your sign, and you asked me what I’m doing with it and that I better not copy the product; I’ve intentionally cut out the card with your store details.

Need to come back here as they’ve set up a Christmas tree and some lights.

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