Above and Beyond at the O2 with videos

When in London and close to more music events and festivals, I didn’t take long to find my first one, Above and Beyond. Great to see them on their home turf at the O2 arena which isn’t too dissimilar to our Qudos arena in size and layout.

Having all three members there didn’t seem to be a big deal, I remember the spectacle that was made when all three came to tour in Sydney for the ABGT show.

First supporting act was Lutrell Which I only managed to catch the end off, but he did end on a banger; Stormchaser, one of my favourite Anjunadeep songs.

Gabriel and Dresden came on and I was pretty excited but was quickly left disappointed. Pretty much wiped away the energy that Lutrell built up and played a rather slow set, kind of a dark indie sound. It was pretty great to hear their latest single ‘This Love Kills Me’ out but that was it. No ‘Tracking Treasure Down’ or ‘Arcadia’.

Unfortunately YouTube won’t let me share the video as it’s blocked everywhere, assume because it hasn’t been released.

Watch it here instead: https://photos.app.goo.gl/2wcvl4n61Irq0SMj1

Then the main act, Above and Beyond, unsurprisingly they played a set that was pretty close to ABGT 250 at the Gorge Amphitheatre, a set I quite liked.

Great to hear Tightrope out loud as it’s probably my favourite from the new album so far. Didn’t record it though but did get a couple of other snippets.

Night wasn’t the best because it was rather short which was disappointing. What was really frustrating was a lack of cloakroom. I mean it’s pretty cold in London, did they expect people just ton freeze in line? Which was another ridiculous thing, sold out show but a single double-file entry through 6 entry barriers. Just stupid. The line for drinks was also ridiculous, probably the slowest and most incompetent bar staff I’ve ever seen. You could buy some wine on the floor which was kinda nice but price wise, unsustainable.

Really hope that is a one off thing and the O2 isn’t normally this bad.

That said tickets for Common Ground next year are procured!

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