Transmission Prague with videos

First trip out of the UK and it’s one of the items on my bucket list checked off. Transmission, one of those events that I’ve always wanted to go to and honestly without moving here, I probably would have never gone because it’s in a pretty random time of the year.

On arrival with Jeff, it turns out that there was a pretty huge group of people from Australia (and mostly Asian!). It wasn’t until lunch that I found out that there’d be a group 40 or 50 strong of Asian Aussies (okay there were a few non Asians, but ironically they weren’t Aussie). Huge!

Anyway, heading in was okay but the crowd (not queue) for the cloakroom was insane making me miss most of Super8 and Tab. I did manage a peak from the side on entering and I wasn’t really blown away. Was it possible that it’s not as great and grand as the videos??

Absolutely not! Heading in through the back and then onto the floor, my mind was blown. The scale of the stage is really big and I think its height is what’s crazy.

First full set was Sander van Doorn pres. Purple Haze, one of my favourites and this time round blue my mind even more than the last time. Particular favourite was a new remix of Daft Punk’s within. Really loved it because the only other time I’ve heard anything from Random Access Memories out loud was at the album launch in Wee Waa and it’s really a great album out loud.

Ferry Corstern’s Gouryella delivers as per usual with plenty of old Gouryella tracks. I’ve got one video from this but since his set isn’t released I haven’t dubbed the audio. The raw audio from the Yi is pretty horrible in loud environments.

Markus Schulz pres. Dakota was another great set and so good to hear a lot of his new album material out live. Some of the visuals that went along with ‘Bravo on the Go’ felt a bit like we were part of some Communist propaganda event, crazy with the thumping bass line.

Aly and Fila delivers the goods too, unfortunately no footage here.

Simon Patterson absolutely tore the roof down keeping it going pretty hard in between a few classics and some hectic psy.

Lastly was Coming Soon by this point I was pretty tired. Went to grab my jacket from cloak and it was super hot just holding onto it! Was kinda glad it was over by this point, Coming Soon kept it going hard but it was a struggle.

Production was crazy and didn’t feel like it was the same over and over. Between each song and artist there was a different feel to the production and the lasers were top notch (and not just blasted at random)

Pyro was used and there was one blast that went right into the crowd, all 8 or so, was wondering at the time if that was right. Later found out that it definitely was not some crazy timing with the pyro and indeed it was a mistake. See it for yourself, 3:30.

Makes for a crazy photo though.

Tickets were rather cheap at 50 or so Euros and that was 4th release! Wonder how cheap first release was?

Flights could have been cheaper but I left it a little late so decided to spend an extra day in Prague, probably not a bad idea to help with recovery.

Definitely coming back next year and the one after that if I can.

More videos of the full sets in 4K from the organisers here at: and most of the sets can be downloaded from soundcloud at:

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