Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland, while it’s a huge touristy thing for the locals, I was pretty in awe the first time I went there. It’s basically your local carnival fair thing but on steroids and quite accomodating for both kids and adults!

First of all it’s big, really big and makes me wonder how something so big can be brought to Hyde Park in London and then taken away (yet we can barely sustain Luna Park).

Plenty of carnival games with large plush toys, mustn’t be too bad as I saw plenty of people walking around with the larger toys (husky plush toys and giant doughnuts!)

Haunted and fun houses were plentiful and some seemed to cater for bigger kids too, with one haunted house being a mini ride that you could sit inside and actors doing their best to freak you out.

For the thrills plenty of flippy and rotate-y rides but what I found more amazing was a full on roller coaster with 4 loops!

Food is a plenty with German sausages being most common (almost akin to our Pluto pops and kebabs) topped up with other more substantial options.

Even a whole area devoted to Bavaria with pretzels, smoked salmon (on the spot), bands and a full on beer hall (the figure of the man below is also giant!)

I had the salmon on a plate and it was delicious, really get the smoky flavours and it’s still really moist.

Sweets there’s chocolate foundue, candy, nuts and bubble waffles.

Plenty of mulled wine to go round as well as a carousel bar! Similar to the ride for kids but in the middle you can order your favourite drinks while the music is pumping.

While it’s cold you can keep warm with a fireplace outdoors, or you can visit a tent heated with multiple fires, and of course more beverages.

Decorations wise everything is full of lights and colour and it really feels like a happy place. Complete with giant light up Ferris wheel, Christmas trees and fairy lights.

To round it all up, a large market with plenty of trinkets such as candle holders, scarves and hats and jewellery for loved ones.

While there was definitely a lot of visitors, it never felt too much with traffic still flowing. Something I remember distinctly being a problem at the Easter show back home (that and the entry cost probably being the reason I haven’t visited for a while). While everything here is pretty expensive too, I feel like because of the choice, I’d be happy to come back and hang and drink.

Overall as a spectacle it’s pretty damn cool, but you’ll need to brave the cold, I did see a couple girls in skirts without leggings and I have no idea how they manage.

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