360 photos!

Before leaving, Kaz bought for me a few really thoughtful presents as a farewell, one of which was a 360 degree camera. Intention being that I could share where I’ve been and she could feel like she was there too.

So after a bit of dicking around, I found a plugin that allows you to scroll around a 360 degree photo like you do on Facebook.

First, the science museum with Long.

Next is Picadilly Circus, a little like London version of Times Square with these huge screens that have amazing clarity. It’s amazing how much detail is in those screens, even up close (they’re also super bright).

Carnaby street during the light switch on was a rather busy affair, just to give you a feel.

Next, Kolsch at fabric nightclub, pretty cool place, rather industrial feel yet kinda cosy. Great for intimate gigs.

Lastly, for now, the Natural History museum, pretty amazing place with so many displays of various animals from all over the world.

Look up!

Yep, huge whale skeleton, it’s a pretty new addition and looks great in the blue lights.

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