One of my favourite artists, Paul Kalkbrenner and what turned out to be the best club in the world. Period. Decided to get a ticket last minute, was thinking about it for a while and then I saw they were sold out. Luckily there were a few tickets for early entry available, with a small penalty if you did come late, £5. I took the risk but fortunately no charge.

To be honest, I had no idea what I was in for, and was surprised that when I got off the tube there were staff and sign to direct you to the place, a bit like a festival. Wasn’t until I got there and saw the map that I realised, it’s pretty big.

The line up for the night? Juicy techno

So, the place is called printworks because it resides in an old print factory and they play on this a little more with the event names, this “season” is issue 002. Seasons because they’re only allowed to operate for a few months in the year, which is kind of a shame, but probably means quality events.

And from the moment you step it, it is mind-blowing. It’s really long and deep and quite narrow, maybe 10 meters wide and a mega high roof line. Feeling is very industrial and they definitely show it off.

Production wise is top-notch and very well coordinated and runs along the entire length of the venue. Lights on the side can illuminate the side walls all the way to the ceiling giving you a real sense of how big the place is. There’s motorised trusses that have strobes and moving heads along the entire length of the room, with the ability to move up and down, it’s a bit like a kinetic feature at times, very cool.

The mood was very progressive with Max Cooper setting the scene nicely. Devil’s Elbow by Nick Warren.

Sound-wise, this place is top notch, there’s a full stack of speakers on either side every 10 meters, the sound’s crisp and thumping no matter where you are.

Joris Voorn live was great, set the mood real good with these tunes being pretty sick. ID anyone?

As the night progressed, it was mixed up a little bit and then the lasers came on. Pretty simple, 2 or 3 right at the front but worked in tandem well, last time I had so much fun with such little lasers was Tiesto in 08. This experience comes pretty close to it.

There’s also single point lasers running along the sides that kind of for a grid box around the whole venue.

Hit me with those laser beams? Probably one of the few songs I could ID.

Here’s an example of some of the patterns of lights, haven’t seen anything quite like it.

There’s a 2nd room round the back with a particular brand of speakers that escape me, I’ve seen them in Sydney somewhere, it’s the one that has a few round horns for the mids and highs.  Yotto was playing but I couldn’t get into his set.

Next to the main room is a bar and chillout area that’s equally as big as the main room, giving the venue plenty of room and almost a festival vibe. Super chill.

One thing about this place is the people, everybody here is amazingly nice, especially staff and security. Despite the size, it all feels very underground and definitely a happy place.

Lastly, the main man himself, Paul Kalkbrenner. Simply superb.

I’ll definitely be back here, probably many times. Can’t wait for issue 003, even if one of the original companies that started the place has bailed. I really hope it doesn’t change at all and commercialise, I’ll honestly say there’s something quite special about this place and it’s by far without a doubt the best club I have ever been to.

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