Short visit to Slovenia for work

Visiting Kranj and Ljubljana in Slovenia. Part of my role at Arriva meant visiting some of the countries that we operate in and meet with various directors to better understand their market and what opportunities exist for us to capitalise on with digital technology.

Weather was overcast when I landed and could make out some mountains in the background.

The office is in Kranj, 20 minutes from the airport and that’s where I was based. Was meant to meet with my colleague to get some work done but due to the snow in London, his flights were badly delayed.

Kranj itself has a rather soviet feel to it with some brutalist styled architecture remaining in the city.

There is an old town side which is rather lovely and a stark contrast, buildings were painted in all sorts of pastel tones.

The main square was decked out with a Christmas tree and lights, even though it was pretty quiet in terms of people. Hardly anyone walking around at 3pm or so.

When I was first walking through, it was rather pleasant with the sound of christmas pop songs playing over the PA speakers, however there was something very odd in the breaks between songs. I got closer to the speaker to investigate and it sounded like static with the sounds of planes flying overhead. Imagine the sounds from war time movies as planes are flying over head, that’s what I heard coming through super faintly. Kinda eerie.

Nonetheless, it was time for food, and while walking around, I hopped into a random cafe and the lovely guy working asked me if I was after proper food, as they only served sandwiches. He gladly directed me to a place called Das Ist Walter.

Meal was minced meat with onions and cheese. Looks rather basic but it was delicious as. The onions still had a bite to them but it was softened by the cream cheese type of thing. The bread was amazing too, almost like a soft version of Turkish bread with a dusting of butter inside.

After it was time to wrap up work, I took a bus into Ljubljana, the capital. Read that there were Christmas markets so I was pretty keen. The way the city was decorated in lights turned out to be really pretty with a space theme, something rather different.

First stop was the castle, it sits on a hill and you can see it from the city centre. Didn’t do any research but Google said it was open, so up I went.

Rather steep hill climb to get to the top and it was windy and eerily quiet at the same time as there wasn’t many people around. Great views of the city all lit up though.

Inside there was hardly anyone around and it was rather creepy walking around, especially when I visited the rooms where they kept prisoners, just having the wind blowing in the background was chilling. The courtyard in the middle is rather nice, there was some nice music playing and a lovely couple decided to have a dance #couplegoals.

Trying to get back down was a bit of a mission, one path that looked shorter was completely iced in. Thought I could slide down on my ass but got down one ramp and the rest was pure darkness. Decided to go back the long way.

Back in town there were market stalls everywhere along the water. There’s also a section that’s full of bars with outdoor seating, quite a lively vibe.

Wish I had more time to explore, if it wasn’t for sleeping in and missing my flight on Sunday morning. Ah well, there’s always next time.

Finishing off with this rather random light installation.

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