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Hi, my name’s Andrew and this is my personal blog. I’ve been using this to tell the world about what I’ve done, the things I plan to do as well as favourite music and photos from whenever I go out.

I’m currently 21 years of age and studying full time at the University of New South Wales, I enjoy photography, going out, cars, drinking and other normal stuff boys at my age like. I try to update my blog as often as possible but other commitments and laziness sometimes gets in my way.

If you ever feel the need to contact me, feel free to with the details below:

Email: andrew [at] ntranced [dot] com [dot] au
Facebook username: ntranced [www.facebook.com/ntranced]
Website: www.ntranced.com.au

One thought on “About Me”

  1. hey andrew,

    i stumbled across ur website only today-looks impressive. keep up the good work! must hire u for future events!


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