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Gotta love working in a corporate environment

While at Oracle for six months, I’ve managed to hoard up stationary enough to last me for my next year at uni full time. In total I’ve hoarded:

  • 7 A4 Spiral notebooks
  • 2 300 page small notebooks
  • 6 Post it pads
  • 1 large post it pad
  • 4 hightlighters
  • 2 tape dispensers and extra roll of tape
  • 1 stapler
  • 4 sets of AAA batteries
  • 17 AA batteries
  • 6 pens
  • 10 25mm foldable clips
  • Pair of scissors
  • Ruler
  • and more to come in my final week.

From work...

Only another week of working to go then I can start enjoying my holidays.

Dinner ā€˜nā€™ Karaoke

Hahaha had an awesome time at Karaoke on the 28th of June 2008. After struggling to find a place to eat, we ended up at the Star Bar to funnily enough find Lily Tran (who had her birthday) there as well with her bunch of friends. (sorry to crash btw XD). Most of us had steaks and it was a decent meal, enough to fill me up for drinking later at K.

We then headed to K-Mix at 8pm with a booking for 2 hours (which ended up being way short) til 10. Had an awesome time in there, hahah I probably had a bit too much to drink but it was all in good fun. Took heaps of pics and turned it into a stop motion, which wasn’t something I planned, but after checking out the photos the day after there were HEAPS.

The video is below:

I’ll add the normal photos later on.


Videos from Tiesto's EOL show (03.05.08)

Finally been bothered to convert and upload the videos from Tiesto’s Elements of Life show onto YouTube. Quite a few videos and it was an amazing night. Had an awesome time with Jean, Vonam and Ray. It was held at the Hordern Pavillion, although it’s not that big of a place, it felt much bigger with all the lights and lasers. Sound was amazing throughout the whole place, with a tiny bit of distortion when we were right up at the speaker. The videos taken with the Canon Ixus 75 has pretty good sound, but the ones with my Nokia N95 have major distortion because the bass was just too powerful.

Elements Of Life Intro

Vid #2

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OzHonda Monthly Meet #2

Pictures of the second OzHonda monthly meet are up. Just a nice meet up from members of the OzHonda forum, meet up was at the MegaCentre on Orange Grove Road on the Harry’s/Oportos side. Quite a large turn out despite the crappy weather. Got a few decent photos in during the time it didn’t rain and they’re posted below. Plenty of Hondas but also other makes as well. Some Nissan Pulsar GTiR, 200SX, a VW Golf GTI and Mitsubishi Evo. From the Honda’s there was a large range, from Civics, to Integras and Accord Euros to S2000s. Good night until the cops came and told everyone to leave.

Short meet at the car park in Liverpool Westfields which didn’t last long due to some tools playing music loudly and make a racket.


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Hi everyone

Hi everyone and welcome to my new blog

Decided to create a new blog hosted by myself on my own hardware. Primary reason for the new blog is to share and show people the photos I have taken of various events and places. Not only is it going to contain my photos, I might also decide to give some insight as to what’s going on my life.

Most of the photos are taken with my Digital SLR camera (Nikon D80) while others are just happy snaps with my phone (N95) or regular point and shoot camera (Fujifilm F30)

That’s all for now, feel free to leave a comment