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Paper Planes – Bondi Beach

Now I don’t usually write about restaurants, but figured since I had some pictures of food, why not? So arriving too late to see the Sculptures by the Sea, Winnie, Louis and I decided to go eat, our spontaneous restaurant of choice? Paper Planes at Bondi Beach, a nice modern Japanese joint.

Having looked at the menu, we decided to wait the 45 minutes for a table and give this place a shot. The decor of this place was pretty fascinating with Japanese themed decorated skateboards on the ceiling and paper cranes hanging about, quite a modern interior.

In the corner on one end is a sit-down bar where you can eat as well.

Despite the modern setting, sitting down there’s nice little touches of a more traditional Japanese setting with the soy sauce bottle.

The menu’s rather nice as well, sticks to the name of the restaurant and as you can see, it’s a partially folded paper aeroplane, very cool.

First thing was first, cocktails, I ended up with a ‘Tokyo Pop’ and Winnie a ‘Chee Chee Mule’. The first being Pimms and St Germain based with plenty of fruity flavours rimmed with pop rocks, the latter was Vodka based with Lychee and ginger beers. The Tokyo pop was definitely tasty and very refreshing, the Chee Chee Mule sounds better than it tastes, not a fan of this one.

Now the food, we decided to share food and picked a few different dishes, the first were entree dishes, Agedashi Tofu and King Fish Belly Carpacio. Both were very tasty, the tofu had a nice smooth texture and a flavoursome but not overpower sauce, definitely one of the better tofu dishes I’ve had. The King Fish was delicious, the chilli oil isn’t too strong and the crunch of the jalapeños gives a nice texture and a bit of spice to bring the flavours together.

The next dish is the Salmon Tartare Nachos, these are a must have, the dressing of the Salmon is just lovely and goes well with the slight saltiness of the prawn crackers.

Last entrée was the PaperPlanes Prawn Gyoza, this is probably the best Gyoza I’ve had in Sydney, what really makes it special is that lemon wasabi foam sauce. It has a nice crisp on the outside and the inside doesn’t feel mushy.

Next up was some kushiyaki, we went with the Mocha rice cake & smoked speck, Shiitake mushrooms stuffed with prawn and the Chicken thigh fillet. The first was flavoursome and delicious, the texture was good too, not too glutinous like a lot of rice cakes can be. The next two were similar in taste with the preference to the chicken thigh fillet as they were just so tender and juicy, perfectly cooked.

Our final dish was the Confit duck ramen, we weren’t too sure what to make of this when ordering, but were pleasantly surprised when it came out, beautifully presented. Digging in, it was exceptional! The curry sauce was full of flavour but not overpowering and the chilli oil adds a nice chilli hit on top of the curry. The fried noodles change up the texture and made for an amazing dish, the soft quail eggs and the crispy skin of the duck was just too good.

That was it for the savoury food, we couldn’t go without some dessert and we chose the Black egg and the Green tea rocher. The black egg is like a coconut pana cotta and a reduced dark chocolate sauce coated with a little macadamia oil. It’s a rather light dessert and the macadamia flavours didn’t flow through as much as we were hoping.

The Green tea rocher reminds me of a cross between a Ferrero Rocher and a churro (the ones from the theme parks), it’s got a nice crunch on the outside and warm chocolate and a hazelnut on the outside. The coating of green tea sugar is almost like a substitute for the cinnamon sugar, I quite liked this one.

That’s it for the food, but the restaurant has one last surprise, the waiter brings out a divided tray of water and we were a little confused. He had forgotten something and came back, he pops a tablet looking thing into each and suddenly they puff up to become a wet towel! It was like magic, we were amazed!

Verdict: Would highly recommend this place and say it’s definitely delicious.
Cost: Slightly pricey, we spent about $60each
More info: www.paperplanesbondi.com
Location: Shop 15, 178 Campbell Parade, Bondi Beach – “The beach house”

Day 3 – Akhibara and Tokyo

I know my blog posts have been few and far while I’ve been gone, but I’m still going to endeavour to have a blog post for every day of my trip. While the blog is only up to the 3rd day, the trip so far has gone up to it’s 12th day (out of 21). As I write this I am on a bus to Osaka from Tokyo (probably won’t post this til I’m in our hotel at Osaka (or Shin-Imimiya to be precise).

Day three of the trip was destined for Akihibara, also known as the electric city, but first the day started off with a deliciously oily breakfast courtesy of Lawsons. It was to be two pieces of fatty fried chicken, a calpis water, orange juice and two macaroons.

mm... greasy chicken
Calpis and Macarons

Absolutely delicious after a big night out at Club Asia and everyone was seriously buggered. Check out the photos of Nugen and Huynhzie, they could barely stay awake in the morning, but regardless, we pressed on to see electric city.

Nugen... gone.
huynhzie... gone.

Before actually going I did a quick Jesus pose on the train platform as we made our way to electric city.


This is the place where some say, if your phone or camera is out of batteries, there’s so much electricity there that when you hold it up in the air, it starts to recharge.

welcome to akihabara

Unfortunately for us as tourists (me the most) we got conned by an old man who we thought was nice enough to show us the way there. Instead of just telling us where it ws, he led us there even though we said we were fine. It wasn’t until we told him we were okay now that his true colours showed, he told us he was hungry and begged for some money. He asked for 400 yen, I thought I’d contribute for most of the group to save them the hassle but he ended up begging to each of them, far out.

Where we lost this stinky old man was a rather weird shop, at the front were a couple of nice anime figures on a whiteboard type thing with pens and erasers for us to write some stuff, we decided to tag it for fun and snap some pics. Little did we know what was really inside the store (more on this later).

Anime girls

I know most of you would think that a place like this would be heaven for a guy like me, but unfortunately for me, getting here has taken away most of my money and I didn’t have much left-over to spend on electronics. Luckily for me there’s not really anything I’m in desperate in need of, so I was about to steer clear of the shops.

Neon Genesis still alive and kicking

An arcade did manage to lure me in with a rather interesting claw/skill tester type game which involved me moving the claw by balancing on the board to control the arm. I failed miserably and lost my 300 Yen.

Cute dog toys in the machine
Me having no clue what to do

Also walked past some sorta set up for a concert being pulled down, luckily I managed to take a pic of the massive domokoun inflatable that was used.


As the day went on , we just walked around and admired the vast variety of shops for anime kinda stuff as well as electronics. It wasn’t until a couple of boys decided to head to Maccas that things started to become difficult, while they were waiting, Edmond, Tang, Louis and I decided to move on and have a look down the street, after a while we decided we should head back and meet up with the rest.

shops in the back streets

On the way back, Tang and I decided to check out the back streets while heading back to Maccas. It was a strange and eerie feeling, while it was only a single street parallel to the main street, it was very quiet. Aside for the occasional bike rider, it was very quiet for a major city, there was almost zero noise, it was rather amazing. When we finally got to Maccas, there was no one there, not Louis or Edmond, we waited around for about half an hour before deciding to just go on and meet back at the hotel.

Moving forward, we decided upon some Katsu Curry for lunch at a chain store called CoCo-Ichibanya which was close-by to Maccas so we could keep and eye out. While inside and eating however, our eyes weren’t on Maccas but this very cute waitress who had this really down-to-earth look. Unfortunately for Tang and I, we never got a photo with her (didn’t know how to say it) but with some WiFi, we managed to ask her to take a photo for us and Tang was ballsy enough to say “Anata wa utsukushi” which translated means, “you are beautiful”. The end result, she giggled and blushed a little before we left. Tang reckons he made her day.

Rice, curry and runny egg. yum.
CoCo Ichibanya

After another quick look in Maccas, we explored further down the road where it got much busier again. Working from the right side, we stumbled upon some markets, long this alley-way. The place was packed with people and store-keepers selling various things from clothes to seafood. It had a very busy vibe to the place as we looked curiously  not knowing what most things were. Oblivious to where we were, it’s not only know that I realised we were next to Ueno and the markets we had explored were actually rather famous, the place is known as Ameya Yokocho

Ameyo Yokocho
Busy place
dried seafood for sale
strange random foods
Candy i think?
Some sort of fish

Moving to the other side of the street we saw more Pachinko and slot towers and other busy alley ways lit up with neon signs and flashing lights. Funnily enough we found a place called King Oscar.

King Oscar

Just further up we discovered a large pond with a temple in the middle, again we had no clue where were actually were, the ponds we saw were called the Shinobazau Pond and the temple in the middle was the Temple of Benten

temple of benten

Moving on we took the other side back bumping into some nice small cafes with nicely planted autumn trees. Also checked out a little cake stall called Doremy Outlet, where inside they played a very catchy tune over and over again. The only words of the song I could make out where the name of the store. I ended up buying a little heart pastry/cake sorta thing. Quite nice.

Doremy Outlet
Various cakes

After the sun set, we walked back to Akihabara station (as that’s where we came from and were comfortable with), again we took the quieter streets as we had already walked down the main road. While going down, a certain car caught my eye, there was something different about it, it didn’t look quite like a normal Mercedes. Once I had gotten closer, I realised it was a Brabus Tuned Mercedes Benz, the final result being known as a Brabus W221. As I was snapping pics, the owner came out and asked me where I was from and showed me the inside before being driven off, it was a sexy looking beast.

Brabus = hot!
Brabus W221

Luckily for us we found some Christmas installations with lights running all over the trees along the walk way, more lighting displays were seen as it was a little display called “Winter Illumination 2010”. Moving on, we stumbled upon the “Gundam Café” across the road, we went in for a quick break and had some cake and coffee.

Winter illumination
more lights!

Tang ordered a plain black coffee and felt ripped off, I still think it was his fault for simply asking for coffee rather than a Cappuccino or a Latte. The café had a really nice décor to it, fitting of the Gundam name, but if you do go, the best bit is the toilet. If you’re there, you MUST push the red button inside the toilet, I told Tang to video the inside, not sure if he did (my DSLR doesn’t do video D:), bug him if you really wanna see inside, but it’s better to experience it yourself. To see a red button and have no idea what it does when you push it.

Gundam Cafe
the menu
Nice cake

After the break we had a quick perusal around the station again and back to the store with the sexy anime characters, our tags and messages had been erased and reverted to their original “How shall I please you master?” It wasn’t until we headed inside that we found out what was hidden behind these lovely women. It was a seven storey adult store, each getting storey up getting weirder and weirder. The bottom was fairly tame, having your condoms and novelty kinda stuff, moving up was vibrators and dildos and further up again was DVDs and magazines. Top floors, you really do not want to know what’s there, if you’re that curious, you can ask, but I’m telling it’s rather disturbing.

interesting sex toy

We ended up seeing three Aussies inside and gave each other awkward looks as we keep crossing paths. We quickly left with a souvenir magazine and Gundam condoms as a memory of that strange place, funnily enough, we bumped into the three Aussies again outside the store where they told us where they were from, what they were doing in Japan and so on. One girl had been living there for 8 months or so, said we had to go to this maid café called @home, unfortunately for us, there was no time and we said we would visit again.

After the nice chat, we headed to Tokyo tower where the others were supposed to go, after getting off our station, the Tokyo Tower was to the left but we were seduced by the little sign that pointed right and read “Tokyo Pokemon Centre”, we couldn’t escape our inner child and proceeded right (while the tower was to the left). Inside felt like a Poke-Centre from the game, why? Because it had the same music, playing over and over again on loop. Wondering how the staff there put up with it, we noticed a couple of staff members wearing earphones, we could barely stand the chime by the 4th listen. After buying a little Pikachu souvenir toy, we moved on back towards Tokyo Tower.

Pokemon Centre

Again we were distracted by some loud music and decided we had to see what it was, upon getting closer we noticed a little cute girl in giant oversized love heart glasses belting out some catchy Japanese tunes and a moderate crowd enjoying the show. The performers were “AMP” and “m i m i k a”, one I assume was the singer and the other the guitarist and “box-player”. The instrument he played literally looked just like a box. The crowd composition had a lot of older men, some looking like they were all in their 50’s but funnily enough, they were really into the music. Waving the arms around, smiling and even following the dance routine actions, not sure if they were into the music or the girl.

m i m i k a

Getting on with Tokyo tower, it’s  a rather beautiful site from far away as it was lit a vibrant orange colour. As we approached most of the orange lights suddenly turned off and switched to pink-purple kind of colour and rather than being cast across the tower, they were just bright spots running up the three hundred and thirty three meter tower. Upon arriving and being mesmerised by the site of the tower, there were nice looking Christmas decorations all around the base, lots of Christmas lights, a large Christmas tree and little lit-up train display you could sit in. We decided not to head up as we thought the boys might do the same (looking back, I have no idea why we decided not to).

Tokyo Tower in the distance
Base of Tokyo Tower
Christmas display
I <3 Tower

Instead we checked out the shops inside bought some souvenirs and headed back home to the hotel. Dinner would quick, followed by a few quick drinks, then heading to the world-famous club in Japan, known only as Womb. Having a quick chat to a few German boys outside the 7-11, I found out that Jerome Isma Ae was playing at ageHa on the Saturday (and not Sunday as I originally thought, lucky they told me other wise I would have missed out). Entering Womb was rather odd, from the outside, there’s no way you could tell what kind of gem was inside. Inside was rather big with a set of stairs spiralling up three levels which surrounded the main floor. Smaller areas were situated around the main room, but that’s not what I was really interested in.

Moving up for some more drinks, we met quite a few foreigners (especially a couple of rather cute Brits, unfortunately both taken) and had a nice chat to all of them before heading to the main room to check out all the hype. Firstly, the sound system in there is incredible, loud and crisp without any sign of strain or distortion. The only thing I found odd was not actually being able to see the DJ as the booth is up rather high and not really that exposed. Looking up was a gorgeous sight, lights beaming onto a giant disco ball was simply mesmerising, even more so with the hands of Aiba controlling the lights in sync with the music. Ended up giving a guy a piggy back until he got a little too close until I realised he was gay and hitting on me, Tang of Gavin got a rather nice pic of this and hopefully I can grab it off them before I post this. Luckily for me one of the British girls, Helena came to my rescue and we started to dance together, getting closer and closer until he disappeared. Bummer was as soon as he was gone, so was the dancing.

The 2 Brits

Anyways, the crowd there was mainly Japanese and they were all happy keen for a good time, I somehow ended up mingling with a group of locals and they found me a girl to hang out with. After she was whisked away by a local Japanese dude, she came back until he kept trying and trying. In the end, I won the fight and he was never to be seen again ;). By the end of the night, I found out her name was Samantha and grabbed her number and email. I walked back to the station with her and her friend and had a little chat. She spoke a little bit of English and  said she really loved Australia.

Ended partying with this group

It ended up being a great night and funnily enough, I ended up walking home alone again as the others had left about an hour earlier. The walk was rather long as I had done a massive loop around via Shibuya station. Unfortunately for you guys I don’t have another blog post detailing my journey home, but I was very impressed by the experience in Womb. The group of Japanese people really made the night fun as they were just after a good time and I felt really welcome there.

Even though you’re not supposed to take photos or videos in there, I managed to snap a couple of nice ones and a video to show you the beauty of the place. It really is a world class venue and it really puts anything Sydney has to shame.

giant disco ball

Well that was it for Day 3, stay tuned for my blog of day 4 and my crazy adventures to Odaiba and ageHa.

Day 2 – Shibuya (Tokyo)

With an early morning start, we began our departure from Osaka to make our way up to the Tokyo area, there’s a couple of photos below of the place we stayed and it really shows how small the room is. With all our luggage, there was seriously no room to move, understandable for ~$20 a night but also lucky we weren’t staying there for too long.

Tiny room for 4

Hotel Mikado

Our method of transportation to Tokyo would be the famous “Shinkansen” or a bullet train you all associate Japan with. The front of the train has a very peculiar look as it’s designed to go fast. It’s also very long and seated 16 carriages, and they weren’t small either.


Unfortunately for this trip, most of the reserved seats were taken and we were stuck in a smoking carriage. Initially for us it wasn’t too bad as the carriage wasn’t very full, but as it filled up, people were smoking left right and centre. Left a terrible smell on my coat and the first breath of fresh air as we exit the train would be heavenly.

Rays of sun through the clouds

The trains themselves go rather quick, with my phone out and a GPS-based speedometer application, we saw speeds around 250 – 270 km/h but it didn’t appear to be going that fast, most likely because the trains themselves travel very smoothly.


After arriving, we made our way to the Hotel we were to stay at, the Weekly Dormy Inn in Naka Megaro, getting a little confused with the transition from the JR line to the Metro lines, we ended up being about 50 minutes late, we were supposed to arrive at approximately 10am. When we arrived, we couldn’t check in til 3pm and the other boys had already left to head out for lunch. Luckily they were sweet enough to leave us a note at reception, signed off with a lovely ‘Love Louis and co.”

Weekly Dormy Inn
Little river near our hotel

We would then go out to lunch as well, no idea what the place was called but we had a little difficulty understanding the lady working there but we did manage to pick up one thing, “Karai” which meant spicy as Ed wasn’t keen on anything spicy. Not having the phrasebook with us either meant we didn’t know how to ask for a recommendation either, so we resorted to just randomly pointing to something on the menu. Fortunately for us the food turned out to be rather good but we’re still not sure what it was. If you know, let us know :).

Mmm.... delicious

We hit up a convenience store for some Japanese snacks and found this funky looking thing. It was a bun which was black and rippled, and with the packaging made a complete guy with an afro. Looked hilarious and tasted rather nice.

Afro man

After meeting up with the others, we explored the area of Shibuya, known primarily for it’s large crossing which is always filled with people. Personally, I didn’t feel impressed by it at all, sure it was a big crossing, but it wasn’t as big as I had expected. I had expected a sea of people, so many that when you cross it, you can’t even see in front of you because it’s all full of people. So yes, a bit disappointing.

Shibuya Crossing
The dog that waited for its owner

Shibuya itself was rather nice, quite busy with plenty of shops around. We went into ‘109’ which was 7 floors of mens clothing, unfortunately I found nothing that was nice, the style was rather weird, lot of Goth-like clothing and nothing rather stylish. Only thing I found really appealing was a pair of Hello Kitty undies and a Chuppa Chup pair. Not sure if we missed something, but overall, it wasn’t that great.

Hello Kitty!
Nice advertisements
Buildings in Shibuya

Next was brunch, we went to this little restaurant next to a KFC with an statue of Colonel Sanders in a Santa outfit, rather funny looking. Dumplings, beer, nuts and noodles for not too much over $10, rather good in my opinion. As it was getting rather bland and the same, we headed back to check into our hotel room and explored the local vicinity

Beer and Nuts

We had a tiny “dinner” at the hotel room and a short walk away was a large store which sold all kind of things, from food and snacks to alcohol and hardware tools. Anything you needed really as well as some stuff you wouldn’t. More on that below.

Don Quijote

We also had a little dress-up party using some cute hats of various animals and characters, don’t I look cute below? I’m sure Jap girls would dig it if I wore it on the street. The other thing that was rather funky about the store was the availability of some sex toys, we found a vibrator that would go off when you call it and another one shaped like an egg described as “Special feeling vibrator”. Nice.

Cute hats
Phone vibrator
Do you want a special feeling?

Booze was cheap and we bought a bottle of Sky Vodka and Chivas Regal as well as some green tea, all for about $50. So good, unfortunately for us, we didn’t realise that the green tea in Japan is unsweetened an had to get some sugar after dinner. Turning our room into a make-shift meth lab was a success and we had some nice Chivas and Green Tea.

Mmm... beer

Dinner was at a small Ramen joint called Paimen, we found it rather odd that the shop operates until 26:00, not sure if the shop sits in a time rift or something, but this wasn’t just written once, it was stuck onto the door with a proper sticker thing. Ordering from this shop was new to us as well, instead of someone taking your order, you hit up the vending machine and get a ticket which you hand over as your noodles are made.

Close at 26:00
Ordering from a vending machine
Runny Yolk

The noodles weren’t too bad, but the Ramen was very very oily and salty. The boiled egg with the runny yolk was delicious, the rest wasn’t that great. After dinner was preparation for a night of clubbing at Club Asia, with an event called “Affection” on that Thursday night. We mixed the Chivas and the Green Tea and mashed down a couple of drinks before heading out. Being a bit happy and drunk, we decided to run, this lead to Gavin having a asthma attack and the two sober boys Edmond and Louis would take him back to the room without us knowing. We pressed on into the club.

Upon entering, we were greeted by a completely empty room, seriously about 6 people in there around the bar. WTF we thought, but  we decided whatever, we’ll have fun with our own company. We used up our free drink voucher and found out there were more rooms, and this wasn’t the main room. Thank God we thought, until we walked over there to a large room with a stage at the front, this was getting even worse. The room had about 5 people, all of which were guys. Still having no idea what was wrong with this place, we just kept drinking, and out of nowhere, people just started to come in and fill the club.

Soon after this girl comes onto stage and starts to sing, half the people in the place are sitting down watching while everyone else was standing. The singer was rather pretty and we got right into it, probably looking like a bunch of douches as we were the only ones waving our hands. Here I ended up dancing with some girl and then somehow managed to get lost and lose the group. Ended up just watching the performances with her in my arms 😉 unfortunately then, (still don’t know how and when) I lost her. Next thing I know, I’m being woken up by security and told to leave because the club was closing. How cool’s that? They were perfectly fine with me being knocked out, love it. Couple of videos of the kinda performances below:

Spent a couple of minutes waiting around to see if anyone else was coming out before deciding to walk back to the hotel room, confused and unsure as to where everyone went and what happened that night. The sun was already starting to rise and it was quite cold. Upon returning, Tang was nowhere to be seen, after about 20 minutes, just as Gavin and Ed decide to go look for him, he comes home with a similar confusion.

I did a little video blog of my adventure home, little warning, I swear a fair bit (yes, I was still drunk) and the camera work is very shoddy :).

Day 1 – Osaka

So after boarding a plane from the Gold Coast where a fellow traveller snapped like 10 photos because the camera was on continuous mode (while claiming he didn’t think it worked, it just vibrated a lot), we were off to Kansai International Airport. The flight was Jetstar’s JQ19 with rather comfortable seats for a budget airline.


Slept through most of the flight, probably about 6 hours of it until enjoying a nice chicken wrap and Asahi beer (expensive though at $15 all up). There was a rather nice skyline view as the sun began to set as well.

Beautiful sunset above the clouds

Landing in Kansai was an easy experience with plenty of English signs to lead us where we needed to go.

This way for Arrivals
Towards the exit
Welcome to Kansai

There was a short shuttle train trip to get out of the airport and through customs/immigration where we then headed to the JR train station to collect our JR passes and book a seat for the trip to Tokyo the next day, unfortunately we’re stuck in the smoking carriage as the train is full, hopefully it’s not too bad.

Kansai Station

I forgot to take a picture of the JR pass, was expecting a techy kinda plastic card, but it’s just a nice folded cardboard kinda thing. Plenty of vending machines around, and I decided to buy something, ended up being a coffee, had no idea what it was looking at it. Quite nice, but wasn’t really after a coffee at that time.

Cold Coffee drink

After an hour trip to our stop, Shinimamiya (which I’m still having trouble pronouncing) we wandered the streets to find our hostel. Was a bit hard because when we printed the directions, it didn’t include the Japanese characters making the directions a bit empty, but in the end we made it to Hotel Mikado. Place was rather warm inside and the rooms were actually quite small (I’ll take a picture tomorrow), but the inclusion of a hairbrush, towels, toothbrush, etc was surprising considering the tiny cost of $20ea for the night.

After dropping our stuff of we headed to eat, the hostel recommended this Chinese place nearby and the noodles there were rather good, not too badly priced either, with my bowl costing 680 Yen. No idea what it actually is, but it had a variety of veges, some seafood and meat in a rather thick sauce.

Some noodle dish
$8 in Yen, doesn't look like much at all

Post dinner we walked around the area finding this nice little dessert joint called ‘Petit Young squared’ with a charismatic old woman running the place, we found it hard to avoid purchasing something from her. I settled for a simple ice cream while the others went for a crepe.

Old lady running a dessert store
Petit Young Squared

We also walked into a 100 yen shop which was a bit deceiving seeing as everything was 105 yen.

Flet's 100 Yen Shop

Ended up buy some random things, not too sure what everything is supposed to be. The chip-like things in the middle were rather nice and the candy was rather ordinary, nothing too unique. The Chelsea thing had ‘Yoghurt Scotch’ written on it and had a interesting taste, kinda nice but kinda not. We’re yet to try the chocolate but Gavin said it’d be good.

Random snacks

Bought myself a pair of gloves here as well, not bad for 105 Yen, or a little over a dollar.

We also ventured into a Lawson Station which was some type of convenience store where we bought some water and some alcohol to try out. Kirin Strong, Kiring Strong Zero and a Pink Squash, none of them were very tasty in my opinion and the Kirin’s were bitter with a hint of lemon, not really something I enjoyed. They were cheap though at 148 Yen, equating to less than $2. Not bad for 8% alcohol content.

Some alcohol

Anyways, that’s the first night here and the plan for the trip is going to be:

  1. Land in Osaka
  2. Tokyo
  3. Kyoto
  4. Korea
  5. Osaka
  6. Nagoya
  7. Kurashiki, Okayama and Naoshima Island
  8. Hiroshima and Miyajima
  9. Kobe
  10. Back to Osaka and back to Sydney by midday on the 9th of December

Looks like it’s going to be a very tiring trip with minimal sleep to ensure we have the maximum amount of time available for travelling. Also think we’ll be hitting the clubs tomorrow night so you probably won’t get another post for another couple of days.

From o9 to o10 – Sensation NguYEn

So as we made the transistion from 2009 to 2010, I decided to host a party at my place to have an awesome time since I couldn’t be down in Melbourne to celebrate at Sensation White. Cleverly enough (or so I thought) I came up with the concept of Sensation NguYEn as the place to be on NYE. Party was to be a simple one, just an easy bbq combined with alcohol and people as well as music.

So drinks, due to my laziness was nice and simple, just bring your own, I provided two cases of beer, Coronas and Blue Tongue (which although tasted different to what I had remembered, was still very nice) as well as a nice bottle of Ciruc Vodka (which most of you would undoubtly know, was stolen at a party last year and I bought another). All this was placed in my bathtub and complimented with 6 bags of ice, something I wanted to have at a party for a while =X

drinks in the tub

Food was a Spit Roast, hired and manned by Stephen Du for most of the night and it was delicious, a bit heavily marinated but the flavour and tenderness was awesome, there were other meats such as nem nuong but also ox tongue, steak and chicken which weren’t even touched, it was a bit over catered for. Other stuff there was Lily’s salad as well as potato, pasta and coleslaw salads as well as Tina’s fruit thingy with like lychee, coconut jelly and grass jelly. Food was excellent overall and I was pretty happy with it all.

yummy spit
duman and the spit

The night was quite a fun one with plenty of drunks to laugh at and plenty of photos for those who were too drunk to remember. The most drunk of the night would have had to been Ben, Huynhzie, MP and Lily with everyone else loose enough to have a good time, I certainly did despite ending up with a hole in the wall and a broken desk chair. A few photos below will highlight the shenanigans which occured during the night, a few videos have been uploaded onto facebook, but there’s one more to go, I’ll get that done tonight.

huynhzie and some southern comfort
lily and some tequila
louis getting it from three boys
ben with a large chunk of spit
mp dancing on the floor
huynhzie's a bit lonely and hugs the stool for some comfort

All in all the night was pretty awesome and more photos can be found by clicking >> HERE <<