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Some street art in Brick Lane

Brick Lane has a lot of street art and found some randomly in a little alley. While I stumbled upon it just walking around, seems like it’s well known as there was a decent crowd of people.

Definitely another visit is needed and I’ll do some more research to see if there’s any other pockets of art.

There’s a lot of politically motivated ones, especially around Theresa May but I have no idea about British politics so they were largely ignored.

I’ll be honest, the one below actually made me think for a bit, especially in the context of housing back home, everyone wants to be closer to the city and it all seems to be in the pursuit of money and nicer homes, cafes, shops etc, but in the end it just lines the pockets of a few with a pretty great cost.

Older photos – part 2

Next up we have my partial attempt at Sculptures by the Sea at Bondi Beach, partial in the fact that I only got half way before having to leave to head to dinner. Definitely need to make more of an effort to go, more than once preferably as it’s one of those events that is always so much fun (photographically). So much choice of subject and in varying environment makes it a challenge to capture something different.

Would love some comments on this photo, bit of an experiment with the composition and the post (and funnily enough, not even a sculpture itself!)

Below is my take on Sculptures by the Sea 2011.

Click for the rest of Sculptures 2011
Click for the rest of Sculptures 2011

So the reason the photos from above were cut short was the need to attend Steve’s and Janet’s birthday at Hurricanes in Darling Harbour. Photos from the night below, nothing too fancy seeing as I only had my 35mm f/2 and no flash with me (I’ve been pretty lazy these days).

Click for pics of Steve and Janet's 23rd
Click for pics of Steve and Janet's 23rd

Day 19 – More Kurashiki and Naoshima Island

So because we couldn’t get good view of Kurashiki by night, we decided we would get up early and see it in the morning light, as you can see, the sun was barely up when we left the hotel room.

Early morning start

We basically walked to the same shrine and explored around there and could see where we walked passed during the previous night. There were actually quite a few cemeteries around the place and they’re all quite small, with only a few burial plots.

Cemetery around the shrine

We also saw a few of these little ‘poles’ in the ground which I didn’t really understand, not sure what it was actually referring to.

May peace prevail on earth

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Sculptures by the Sea – Bondi – 2009

Went on a little trip to Bondi to check out the Sculptures by the Sea exhibition at Bondi Beach on the 12th of November with Winnie and Jimmy. It was a ridiculously hot day but a couple of hours later, the clouds came rolling in and thunder could be heard. Before we knew it, the rain came pouring down as we scuttled to get back to our cars, drenched. It was a fun day though and I managed to get some okay shots, not as many or as good as I would have liked, but it was interesting to use a different lens this time round. I would have liked to try again with the wide angle, but I didn’t get the opportunity (well I was lazy) to go back there and reshoot.

Photos are below (note: the first two aren’t sculptures obviously).

Sculptures by the Sea (Bondi)

Photos from my visit to the Sculptures by the sea exhibition held over two weeks at Bondi beach and the surrounding area. Some really nice pieces of work and decent weather up until later on where it became overcast and started to rain. It was a much larger exhibition than I had expected and by the time I had reached the beach next to Bondi it became too dark for nice photos, ended up having to pull out the flash. Lots of other people going to visit the exhibition which made it quite difficult to get a shot of some of the works without any one else in it. One of my favourites would have to be the photo below, click for more of the gallery.

>> Pics Here <<