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Armin Only and Cafe Del Mar announced!

Two very exciting announcements out today for Sydney today which has got me pretty stoked. The first? World’s number 1 DJ Armin van Buuren has announced his Armin Only world tour for his artist album ‘Intense’. The second? World famous beach front bar in Ibiza known for its chill out music and amazing sunsets.

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2011 begins, and I’m almost there

So after this post I’ll be a couple of photos from being up-to-date, but since I stopped blogging for a while until now, quite a few things have changed, I’m finally in my final semester at Uni with another two subjects to go (seriously can’t wait til it’s over) and in addition to that, I had started full time work. Such a drastic change from being able to laze around and bludge to getting up before 7am getting ready to catch the train every day to work. Days at work vary, some insanely hectic to others where you’re not too busy. Team’s been great, everyone around is heaps friendly and always willing to help out and answer questions. I won’t mention the awesome start to the year, walking out of the Etihad Stadium with a huge smile on my face, if you weren’t there, you wouldn’t understand.

Deb’s birthday wasn’t too far away from the start and I was there to take a few snaps.

Next up was my man Mike’s 22nd birthday. For some reason this kid decided not to have a 21st birthday but instead, opts for a large 22nd! I just don’t get him sometimes, but it was a great party despite me not being able to get back in at 12 as Aurorar bar sucks and no re-entry after 12 is permitted. Cover photo is in black and white because I’m moody and all that ;).

Tang turns 22

Final set of photos to complete this post is little Yvonne’s 22nd birthday, celebrated with plenty of food.

Yvn's 22nd

So just another post and I’ll be good to go, apologies to those waiting for photos (if you want them quick pay me :P).