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Peri Peri Chicken – with photos

So it was bank holiday not too long ago and I decided to cook up one of my favourite recipes, this time with some photos along the way. You can do a search for the recipe and ingredients but I’ll do a quick run through of the process with the photos.

The first thing you need for this recipe is a roasted capsicum, red or green it doesn’t matter, what you need to do is put it in an oven at 230 degrees for about 10 minutes, the skin on the outside will begin to wrinkle and some of it will become burnt, that’s what you want.

Once you remove it, place it in a plastic bag, the steam will help remove the skin. Once skinned, removed the core and place it in a blender.

In the marinade, you’ll need a mixture of the following, 2 chopped garlic cloves, juice of 1 lemon, 1tbsp of cayenne pepper, 1tbsp of smoked paprika, 2 tbsp of crushed chill (or hot chilli sauce), 1/4 cup olive oil and 5tbsp on salt.

Place it all in a blender.

Blend until you have an even consistency.

You’ll want some marilands chicken legs and give it a couple of deep scores so the marinade can penetrate through and flavour the inside.

Place all your chicken in a large bowl and pour the marinade over and mix well to ensure all the pieces have an even coating.

I like to have a side with my chicken and I went with some simple roast vegies, give them a nice coat of oil and sprinkle some salt, pepper and thyme on there. Place them in the oven at 200 degrees for about 30 – 40 minutes turning every 10.

Now, to cook the chicken, there’s only one way, ovens and grills just won’t cut it, you need smoke and to get that, use a charcoal barbeque. Nothing fancy, just get some coals, light them up and spread them out in a thin layer, not too much otherwise you’ll burn the outside and leave the inside raw. Put a lid on the barbeque so you can get the smokey flavours to mix and to help cook it evenly.

And that’s pretty much it, you should end up with some smokey and spicey chicken that’s deliciously moist. Serve it along with the roasted vegies.

Peri Peri Chicken for dinner

but not from Nandos! So I cooked up some Peri Peri chicken over the BBQ for dinner today and it was absolutely delicious, gives Nandos a serious run for its money. Recipe is very simple to make and just takes some time beforehand to prepare the marinade, then it’s a simple matter of putting the chicken in there for 8 hours and then BBQ’ing. The result (note this one was an extra and reheated, it just smelt so good and I started eating before taking photos):


So the recipe is as follows (this will be enough for about 4 chicken legs and thighs):

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Last moments of 2010

So the last days of 2010 went by rather quick, first and foremost a lunch outing with the majority of the crew that did BIT or ISM starting from 2007 (God that was a long time ago) to celebrate their final days of Uni (not me though, because i’m special). It was a nice lunch courtesy of Christine, our course coordinator who’s helped us through hundreds and thousands of emails and queries. It was a a nice gathering and good to see everyone before we all parted ways.

bitism lunch

Once back from my trip and having a few days of long away rest and sleep, it was time to be out and about again, firstly, a BBQ at Lily Tran’s house to celebrate Christmas. Nothing better than spending a nice summer afternoon with friends around the BBQ with a drink or ten. No one ended up too drunk and with my fairly okay drink count, I was still quite good.

Christmas at Lily's - 2010

No summer is complete without a fishing trip of sorts, so early one morning we make the trip up to Clifton for some fishing action. There were quite a few people there already so we couldn’t get prime position, but we pushed on anyway and hoped for some luck. But as you can see from my album title, it was somewhat fail, ended up catching 2.5 fish (one of them was a tiny bream). Nice thing about getting up early is catching the sunrise and I’ve finally done some sunrise photography.

Lovely sunrise

One of the final set of photos for the year was from my younger cousin’s birthday who despite his size, is only 12.

Wilson and family

So these photos represent the final days and weeks of my 2010, but it was such a thrill being able to spend the transition into 2011 with an all night party with the number 1 DJ, Armin van Buuren. Such a great event and you really can’t top seeing Armin for 9 hours straight, still remember the climatic countdown with the drummer just hammering away, almost as though he couldn’t keep it up. Small glitch in the countdown but it was one hell of a night. Spent the next few days exploring a bit of Melbourne which was quite fun, but definitely gotta plan another trip down soon.

Well that wraps up 2010, I’m a step closer to getting this blog updated and getting the rest of the photos up.

Photos from the past few weeks

So, I’ve been a lazy ass lately and photos have been piling up without being posted, so I’ve just thrown everything into one post.

First is VSA cruise of 2010, a lot of fisheye photos in this one, suprised I managed to get this in focus.

Next up are the photos from the VSA UNSW BBQ from August.

Also, 10 years later after we had all left primary school, the time capsule we had put in the ground in the year 2000 was finally dug up. Some things had changed at school, while others largely remained the same. As our memory of what was in the capsule was quite fuzzy, we all remembered the things in there being better than they actually were. The contents were a bit disappointing.

Within the last few weeks, our friend David Huynh had the privilege of graduating, finally after years of work and thousands of dollars, he’s got the piece of paper which makes it all worth it.

Nugo also tried to redeem himself with his 22nd birthday (not many photos from this one), most of you will remember he conked out really early for his 21st and this time round, he wasn’t gonna disappoint.

Thien and Kalee also celebrated their 22nd birthdays with a Korean BBQ dinner at the Bakehouse garden in North Strathfield complimented by two games of ten-pin bowling.

And most recently, during the mid sem break, I went on a trip up north to MacMasters beach on the Central Coast. Wonderful time with decent weather, and when it did get chilly, the jacuzzi was a nice touch.

From o9 to o10 – Sensation NguYEn

So as we made the transistion from 2009 to 2010, I decided to host a party at my place to have an awesome time since I couldn’t be down in Melbourne to celebrate at Sensation White. Cleverly enough (or so I thought) I came up with the concept of Sensation NguYEn as the place to be on NYE. Party was to be a simple one, just an easy bbq combined with alcohol and people as well as music.

So drinks, due to my laziness was nice and simple, just bring your own, I provided two cases of beer, Coronas and Blue Tongue (which although tasted different to what I had remembered, was still very nice) as well as a nice bottle of Ciruc Vodka (which most of you would undoubtly know, was stolen at a party last year and I bought another). All this was placed in my bathtub and complimented with 6 bags of ice, something I wanted to have at a party for a while =X

drinks in the tub

Food was a Spit Roast, hired and manned by Stephen Du for most of the night and it was delicious, a bit heavily marinated but the flavour and tenderness was awesome, there were other meats such as nem nuong but also ox tongue, steak and chicken which weren’t even touched, it was a bit over catered for. Other stuff there was Lily’s salad as well as potato, pasta and coleslaw salads as well as Tina’s fruit thingy with like lychee, coconut jelly and grass jelly. Food was excellent overall and I was pretty happy with it all.

yummy spit
duman and the spit

The night was quite a fun one with plenty of drunks to laugh at and plenty of photos for those who were too drunk to remember. The most drunk of the night would have had to been Ben, Huynhzie, MP and Lily with everyone else loose enough to have a good time, I certainly did despite ending up with a hole in the wall and a broken desk chair. A few photos below will highlight the shenanigans which occured during the night, a few videos have been uploaded onto facebook, but there’s one more to go, I’ll get that done tonight.

huynhzie and some southern comfort
lily and some tequila
louis getting it from three boys
ben with a large chunk of spit
mp dancing on the floor
huynhzie's a bit lonely and hugs the stool for some comfort

All in all the night was pretty awesome and more photos can be found by clicking >> HERE <<


Yesterday was the fourth VSA barbeque held by VSA UNSW and the first one I brought my camera to. It was a nice day with the sun out (none of the rain that was forecasted) and it was good fun socialising over a sausage or some nem nuong. Plenty of people turning up for a feed and it wasn’t restricted to very sexy asians, thanks to all that organised it, nice excuse to leave work early as well. Looking forward to the next one whenever it may be. Pictures from the day below:

Three long months without a post…

It’s been a massively long time since I’ve added anything to my blog despite being out and about a fair bit, nothing spectacular like New Zealand but hanging out with friends and whatnot. More recently though, I’ve been rather sick and that’s made my Uni break fairly unenjoyable, being sick on a trip to Nelson Bay (well Anna bay) is not a good feeling and apologies to the people I spread my sickness too =D. This post will cover stuff I’ve done from the past three months including plenty of piccies.

I’ll try to update this thing more often…

Nelson Bay

From the last thing I did, the Nelson Bay trip, which wasn’t so great seeing as I started to get sick the day before we all left meant the bed was my best friend for a couple of days. Staying home while everyone else went fishing didn’t make such a great trip and by the time I had recovered, I had already infected others leaving only a few of us to have a few drinks on the last night. Other than my sickness, it was a nice 4 days despite a lotta trouble organising the trip with transport and all that.

Sexy Six B’day BBQ

We celebrated Bettina, Chris, David, Lily, Kathy and Sylvia L.’s b’days all together at Bicentennial Park in Homebush Bay. It was a great day despite being in the middle of Winter, the sun was out and it was lovely.

Awesome Foursome B’day Dinner

I managed to catch a bit of Bob, Gavin, MP and Tina’s B’day, unfortunately it was also my dad’s b’day that night and I had arrived late and caught up with a bit of Karaoke as well.

VSA Soccer Day 2009