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Kim’s 21st Circus

So last friday Kim had her 21st with an awesome Circus/Lady Gaga kinda theme and it was quite a fun night, plenty of people, more than what I though her backyard could fit. Spit roast and BBQ, plenty of drinks, good company and some entertaining speeches made for a fun night out. Happy Birthday to Kim and hope she had a good time. Photos from the night are below:

Also had a go at recording the birthday speeches which proved to be quite amusing:

Ishani’s 21st Birthday

On Friday the 27th of November, I went to shoot Ishani’s 21st birthday with a 007 theme and it was great fun, this was the first event I shot with my new SB900 flash and I love the results, the extra power allowed me to bounce using the high ceiling giving quite nice results. Overall I had a great time shooting the party and it was good fun, thanks to Ishani for the oppportunity.

Photos below:

A couple of recent 21st birthdays

It seems like everyone’s turning twenty one nowadays with multiple birthdays on a near weekly basis, meaning out every weekend and not getting any uni work done. The past couple of weeks, I had celebrated Alan and Peter’s birthday on a cruise around the harbour and the Friday after celebrated a ‘Heroes and Villains’ costume party to celebrate Marlene’s 21st. Both parties had been quite fun and rather rushed, in particular Marlene’s with me not having a clue what to possibly dress up as and how to pull it off until that very afternoon of the party. All while stuck completing a set of journal entries for my General Education subject, Science and Religion. I had bought some cardboard and decided to come as Bender from Futurama and I think it turned out okay. I wanna try again and make it better when I have time.

Well anyways, here are the pics from the two parties, I must get a move on with my INFS3608 report due tomorrow.

Alan & Peter’s

Marlene’s party

Phil and Yvonne’s 21st

A couple of weeks ago we head to Strike Bowling bar in Darling Harbour to celebrate Phillip Dang and Yvonne Lau’s 21st b’day and it was a fun filled night involving bowling, pool and karaoke and plenty of photos from Ethan, myself and a bit of Gab. Hope Phil and Yvonne had a good time and judging by the photos they did, so once again happy birthday :). Pictures are below, you’ve gotta love the expressions on their faces in the cover photo =D. (It just has to be up).

Belrich, Jimmy & Winnie’s 21st B’day

On Friday the 25th of September 2009, we celebrated Belrich, Jimmy and Winnie’s 21st B’day with a delicious banquet at Kobe Jones as well as some additions like the Dynamite Rolls, level 5 and then the ‘non-existent’ level 5+ called level 6 by the waiter. Dinner was a 7 or 8 course meal I believe maybe a bit more or less, but a fairly diverse experience.

It was a fun night out followed by a fairly dull clubbing experience at Docks hotel which had a pretty crappy DJ who could barely beatmatch and a small crowd. I can’t really be bothered to write much, weather sucks today and it’s a long weekend too.

Click below for pics