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Walking around Westminster at 135mm

Bought a manual focus Samyang 135mm f2 just before I left and was planning a little more street-esque photography (read: trying to be a hipster). Took it out for a full day and it was quite a challenge.┬áColours are a bit flat because it was overcast, and I’ve been lazy to process these too much.

I loved looking through a different perspective but it was really tight (ha!) and secondly it soon became very easy to get the same looking shots, especially of clock towers and tops of older buildings.

Westminster light posts (for the longest while I thought it Westminister)

Inside Someset Square, it says SKATE in the background as they’re setting up an ice rink here.

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City 2 Surf – 5 weeks to go

With five weeks to go until the torturous 14 kilometer marathon known as the City 2 Surf, it’s been on my list of things to do for a few years and this time I’m actually going to do it. The proof is below, the bib came today and I’m in the Westpac Yellow group, i.e. the one for walkers and joggers. Probably should have gone into the blue group looking back now but I’m just starting out so Yellow will have to do.


Bib number is 53973, nothing special or fancy about it but I’m aiming for a sub 90 minute time and hopefully if I can keep up my training at the gym, I should be able to make it. I’m currently quite confident of making it the whole way without walking, whether or not I can maintain an average speed of just over 9km/h over the treacherous heartbreak hill will remain unknown.

Hope everyone else doing the run has been preparing for it, it should be a blast :D.


So went down for a trip to Melbourne over the Queen’s Birthday long weekend (mostly because of a free domestic flight from JetStar). Decided to go down just to chill and get away from regular life in Sydney. Took a flight down on Friday morning and arrived at about lunch time. Hired a car, decided to go with a manual for some practice despite my lack of confidence in manual driving, but I seemed to do okay. Car was a late model Ford Laser which felt rather zippy.

The beast

Went shopping for a bit before heading into the city to check into the hotel room. Caught up with an old friend who moved down from Sydney before catching up with a friend I met in Japan. Went around drinking at night and ended up going to Alumbra. Pretty good place there and enjoyed the vibe there a lot more than what Sydney has. Next day went for a little more shopping at South Wharf before taking a trek down to the 12 apostles via the Great Ocean Road. The road is great fun and twists a fair bit. Took a wrong turn as it got dark as well and it became forest like and pitch black! Kinda scary driving down a twisty unknown road, just to make it worse, for one section there were cows along side the road. It ended up leading to a lighthouse but it was a heaps dark walk to the light house so I just snapped this and left.

Light house in the distance

Stayed there for the night so I could get up early and get some sunrise photos of the 12 apostles and stuff, didn’t quite turn out as I had hoped but this was the result:

12 Apostles by morning

Finally came back to the city in the morning to meet up with a few more people I met from Japan where they took me to eat and showed me round the grafitti and more of the town.

Streets of Melbourne

The last day was spent driving around randomly before catching my delayed flight home which was quite fortunate as there were heaps of people waiting around as their flights were cancelled because of the ash cloud.

Rest of the pics below:

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