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Ferry Corsten presents. Full On Ferry Ibiza

New compilation out by one of my favourite DJ’s, Ferry Corsten, it’s entitled Full On Ferry Ibiza, it’s got a decent sound to it and from what I’ve listened to so far, progresses rather nicely and has nice appeal to a wide variety of trance lovers. I must warn though there is a bit of commercial sounding stuff but I think it’s quite well balanced overall.

Full On Ferry Ibiza

As the title suggests, it’s a representation of the music he’s played on his Full On Ferry shows in Ibiza and being the summer time over there means the compilation has a love vibrant sound it. Great for casual listening and I rate it.

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Blast from the past – Max Graham ft Jessica Jacobs – I know you’re gone

Went through my music folder to find some tunes to run along to and came across a rather old compilation, Global Gathering ’05. This song’s the first track from the second CD and I heard this song again for a long time and just thought wow, this stuff was amazing. Such a mellow and beautiful tune.

Youtube video:

Might go through my song collection some more and dig up some old gems. So nostalgic.

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Ministry of Sound – Chilled Afterhours 2011

Nabbed myself a copy of this last night and started listening to it and I gotta say, I quite like what I’m hearing. It’s a bit different to my usual postings but I’ve been after something more easy listening for the times you want to unwind.

Chillout Afterhours 2011

Ministry of sound describes the compilation as:

Ministry of Sound continue explore the softer side of music by releasing the latest edition in the Chilled series. Afterhours is an alternative take on previous albums combining a mixture of genres & introducing new artists to create a brand new laidback listening experience.

It’s a bit different to the regular chillout sessions that the Ministry of Sound bring out every year, so give it a shot if you find that a bit too slow. The 3 CD compilation has a different sound and vibe per disc so you could probably find something more suitable to your tastes. My personal perception of the music on the compilation would be somewhat like a modern electronic equivalent of Jazz.

Favourite song so far (aside from ‘To Build a Home’ by The Cinematic Orchestra) would be ‘Pictures’ by Benjamin Francis Leftwich.

Tracklist below: Continue reading Ministry of Sound – Chilled Afterhours 2011