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Doing everything you’re not supposed to be doing…

It’s Monday night, 3 days away from my one and only exam and I can’t seem to focus on getting any studying done, the whole course doesn’t really seem to make much sense, probably due to the incompetence of my lecturer and tutor (okay and my tendency to procastinate). Damn this whole database crap is doing my head in, functional dependencies, lossless decomposition, dependency preservation, b+ trees, joins, 4th normal form, multi valued dependencies, indexes, sparse indexes…argh I don’t remember anything. Should have at least rocked up to the tutes, I think I would have at least learnt some of processes needed to answer some of the exam questions. But anyways, enough of my ranting about the stupid subject and my crappy teachers.

I’m gonna write about dinner from last night (which I made, by myself XD).

The dish? Linguine withPanfried Salmon, well in my case it was more Fettucine than Linguine. Picture of the final result below. Verdict? Fairly tasty, but not as good as my Creamy Saffron and Seafood Fettucine from the other day (unfortunately no pics).


The recipe I found from google and allrecipes.com.au and instructions/ingredients are as follows. Continue reading Doing everything you’re not supposed to be doing…