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Defqon.1 2011 – Photos

September means that time of the year again, you all know it. Defqon.1! Was photographing the event again this year and it never ceases to impress. The quality and effort which is put into this even is simply stunning and from this point of view, one of Australia’s best festivals.


I don’t think I’m the happiest with my photos this year, for some reason felt like I was lacking a direction or purpose with these photos. Felt like I wasn’t too sure what I should be aiming for, but it’s all part of the process. Definitely with next year will have a bit of a think of what the aim is for the day and execute.

Anyway less babbling, the day itself?! Fabulous, the weather was great and the sun was out to play. Unfortunately for us photographers, we’re stuck with a black shirt, pretty cool shirt, but I don’t have a pic of the front to show you, it’s got this year’s stage in a wireframe at the front, very cool.

Defqon.1 crew, don't mess with me 😛

Note to self, get some bigger arms for next year, would make a photo like this much better. Like usual with defqon, it’s pretty big with a whole heap of stages available to suit everyone’s taste in hard electronic music.

The blue stage had a interesting setup but it’s a shame that it was along a dusty patch and there was dust being kicked up everywhere! Not a good feeling after you’ve been sweating it out from fist pumping all day. The white car bonnets acting as a pseudo projector screen, very cool idea.

Blue stage

Black stage was a real pain in the ass and it was more like a red stage, inside red lights simply flooded the stage making it next to impossible to get a decent photo. Although as night fell, the lasers in here were simply spectacular, very bright and very vivid.

Black Stage

The rest you can check out in the rest of the photos, but there’s no way I’d be neglecting the red stage, simply massive and definitely a work of art.

Red stage

Looks much better at night.

Red stage by night

For the rest of the gallery, click this epic photo below.

Click here for the rest of the photos

Enjoy the photos 🙂 and see you again next year 😉

Defqon1 – Part 2 – The Videos

Well I got around to uploading all the videos I took from Defqon1 some time last week, equating to about 4GB worth and taking a fair amount of time. The audio is quite dodgy as the microphone on-board the D90 really can’t take that much, have to find some way to jig up some sort of foam to reduce the sound coming into it.

Well Defqon1 was quite a surprise for me and it had completely blown me away in terms of organisation and production as well as atmosphere. It was just a great festival atmosphere with everyone there wanting to have fun and a good time, the security included. I spent most of my time at the red stage as I didn’t really care much for the music and didn’t pay much attention to who was playing when and where. Although the day after, I had wished I caught Alex Kidd and Public Domain, but I’m not too fussed. I had a great time at Defqon1 and would definitely look forward to coming back again next year, although I was taking photos for inthemix, I had a wicked time running all over the place. Being inside the Defqon Red stage was definitely a highlight for me as the view of the crowd as the lights and lasers shone down on them was very impressive. More impressive was the sound at the red stage, it was crystal clear no matter how far away from the front you were, but right up there, the bass punches hard, real hard. I have no idea how one of the security guards at the front managed the whole day and night without ear plugs as it was seriously loud. Overall Defqon1 was definitely a great experience and something you should all check out even if it’s not your kind of music.

Well the videos from the festival are below. I’ll embed a couple and provide a link to the playlist of all my Defqon videos.

More videos here

Defqon1 – Part 1 – The Pictures

So, yesterday was Defqon1, held on an island surrounded by water at the Penrith Regatta Centre, I’ll talk about the event from a point of view that doesn’t include the music, because as you all know, I’m not a fan of hardstyle. However, I must say that Defqon1 was definitely impressive, the way everything was organised and the staff running the whole event. Aside from the high police presence, there was a very relaxed feeling/atmosphere around the whole place, everyone was spaced out and having a good time. For those that weren’t there, there were 5 stages, Red, Black, Orange, Grey and Purple being Hardstyle, Hard core, Trance, Old School and New Talent respectively. Initially, I thought I’d be spending most of my day at the Orange and Grey stages, but suprisingly I was pretty much stuck at the Red stage, it just had the best vibe there with plenty of people hanging about. It was great to see so many familiar faces and I seemed to bump into so many people which was awesome.

So for part 1, I’ll show you guys the pics, I’ll finish off with part 2 to show off the videos in glorious 720P high definition as well as continue my epic tale of events at Defqon1.

(click images for gallery, all four pics lead to the same gallery)

More photos will be uploaded on inthemix and can be found at http://www.inthemix.com.au/gallery

Upcoming events

Despite still being a while away, I am absolutely pumped for a few upcoming events with the next event just over five weeks away. It’s been a while since the last Trance event due to it being winter with the exception of We Love Sounds (more like We Love Armin) but the Spring/Summer festivals are making their way here soon. So, three events in 4 weeks with Cream presenting Ferry Corsten’s Twice In A Blue Moon supported by Giuseppe Ottaviani followed by DEFQON1 Maximum Force Readiness and finally Godskitchen’s Boombox to top it all off.

First, Cream. This’ll be the first time that I’ll see Ferry Corsten play a live arena type show, typically I’ve seen him at Sublime (as a matter of fact twice) and he’s always delivered a stunning show with a smooth set mixed to perfection. I have wanted to experience Full On Ferry for myself but I guess this will be the closest I can get for now and I’m happy enough that Ferry’s playing a show at the Hordern. I think Ferry’s bringing down a vocalist so it’ll make it something a bit more special than a typical DJ only set, similar to Armin Only in 2008 which absolutely blew my mind. To be honest, I’m not too knowledgeable about Giuseppe Ottaviani but from what I have been told, he’s a class act, so it should be a great night.
Click Here for more info.

The next event on the calander is a only a week after Cream and that’s going to be the biggest hard dance music event in Australia. It’s DEFQON1 and it’s on and island… Surrounded by water! (no shit) I gotta say, this event is a bit of a mixed bag for me. I’m not the biggest fan of hardstyle music but it’s just going to be such a massive event that I have to see it for myself, the other thing that swayed me is the fact that it’s multiple stages including a hard trance and hardcore stage which should give me some variety once I get sick of the doof doof of the hardstyle. No doubt about it, it’ll certainly be an interesting event and something that intrigues me, I’ll reserve judgement until I actually experience the thing.
Click here for more info.

The third and final event that’s confirmed for me is Godskitchen for 2009. This time round, they’re bringing the whole boombox tour down under and it should be a spectacular show. For those who don’t know what the boombox show is it’s a massive stage with an appearance of 8×3 cubes with images projected across the front of the stage. It’s a contraption designed by Exyzt, the same mob that created Etienne De Crecy’s cube show which was demonstrated to us at Future Music Festival (Youtube it for the wows). It certainly will provide a spectacular show, unlike the crappy highschool standard production of Godskitchen 2009 which was plagued by poor promoting, ticket sales, production and sound quality. It was just a bad combination and if Future Entertainment think they can pull a stunt like that again, Godskitchen will surely be boycotted for the future years. Poor ticket sales is no excuse, put on a good party and the ticket sales will roll in. ID&T still managed to put on an amazing show at Trance Energy despite less than spectacular ticket sales.
Click here for more info.

That’s it for now, I can’t wait for the first event to come.