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Fixing a 2002 Mazda MX5 cup holder lid (NB8B)

So one of the problems I’ve faced so far with the car is a rather common one where the lid for the cup holder loses it’s springyness, well it’s just the rear one. The cause of this is rather simple, the movement the spring on the rear lid moves as it opens and closes and over time, weakens the plastic tab which holds the spring in. With it loose, it can’t provide the force to spring it open, it also only happens on the rear one as it uses a different spring clip for some reason (it’s bronze instead of black).

So how do you fix it? You simply need to find a way to hold the spring close to the cup holder itself again. To do the fix, you’ll need some simple tools:

  • Flat head screw driver
  • Phillips screw driver
  • Some thin metal wire
  • Masking tape (optional)

One thing that was great with working on the interior of an MX5 is the fact you can take the top off! Makes for so much more room to work with despite being a small car.

First thing you need to do is a. remove the gear shifter knob, simply turn anti clockwise until it comes off, if it hasn’t been taken off in a long time, a bit of initial force will be required to crack it. Next cover the edges of the power window switches with masking tape (so you don’t scratch the trim) and b. dig a large flathead screwdriver in and lift the switches.

Once it’s lifted out completely, remove the white clip from the power window switch module and place aside.

Grab your phillips screw driver and there will be a single screw underneath the power window switch (mine didn’t have one there) and also remove two more in the centre compartment.

On either side of the middle console trim are two screws with plastic covers, gently pry them open and undo the screws on each side. Once removed, lift upwards from the front of the piece and pull forward to take out the centre console.

Looking underneath you can see the issue with the rear cup holder.

Here’s a closer look, see the plastic tab holding the spring in is broken?

Now to fix the issue, I tackled it by drilling a small hole in the plastic and simply wrapping some metal wiring around it (twice). It doesn’t need to be tight, just enough so that it won’t become undone and it holds the spring close enough. You could probably also superglue the plastic tab back on but for some that won’t be practical as the tab is long lost and there’s no guarantee it won’t break again.

That’s pretty much it, to re-assemble the centre console piece, simply follow these instructions in reverse.

Another year goes on…

and my liver takes another pounding and so does my memory. Had a killer night on Friday with plenty of holes in my memory but definitely a great time celebrating my 22nd birthday, feel so old! No longer able to be in denial and telling myself that I’m still 21. Celebrated the night with Lily Tran at the ever-so-classy venue of Sanctuary Hotel, because you know, the drinks are cheap. Here are the first lot of photos from my DIY photobooth consisting of my D700, flash and 17-35mm f/2.8 lens and a remote trigger, perfect.

Click here for the photobooth photos

Set up seemed to work okay, I think it didn’t fire a few times but in the end I was just too drunk to notice but it seems like it did its job.