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I’m on a traktor!

Well not like the tractor on a farm.. but instead I got off my arse and built another comp solely for use with Traktor (for those that don’t know, it’s a DJ’ing program). Finally got it all hooked up and working and it’s pretty schmick.

Obligatory photo of the setup:

Traktor setup
Traktor setup

Where it sits is a bit narrow so I’m rather close to the screen and I also don’t have anywhere to put a mouse/keyboard, guess that’s where a laptop comes in handy. So why did I go digital? Well I originally didn’t want to but the hassle of sorting music and copying them to USB drives, figured having the whole library available, keyed and analysed is going to be a hell of a lot easier than planning what you want in your mix and having that on a USB key.

Should also be able to record on the same machine as well :D.

Happy Welcoming of a New Year (2012)

2012 has come and I’m still a lazy ass at updating my blog, despite this I have actually gotten a few things done Ā as we welcome the new year. Hope everyone had a great NYE celebration, I sure did and what better way to do it than with some pumping trance music and hectic lasers (well also a house party for some pre-drinks). Not sure about everyone else, but 2012 isn’t going to be a big bang of change, I don’t have many complaints about 2011 and I’m going to take what I started last year and make it even better this year. Here’s a pic shamelessly stolen from the Sydney City Council NYE website, NY fireworks are always bound to impress, at least in Sydney anyway.

Sydney Midnight Fireworks

Main things for me for 2012 will be more photography and DJ’ing, so keep an eye out, hopefully I’ll be doing some bigger and better things with photography and getting a major kick on in regards to learning how to DJ.

For everyone who’s got a resolution for 2012, good luck with it :).

DJ ntranced – First ever mix!

So since I’m at home all day recovering from my wisdom teeth removal surgery, what better thing to do but hit the decks and trying to get a mix together. Still learning at this stage but thought I’d try putting something together for the sake of it. Some pretty dodgy transitions in there, but I’m working on it. Hope you enjoy (comments would be great :D)


  1. Cirez D – Mokba
  2. Afrojack & R3hab – Prutataaa
  3. Arty – Kate
  4. Super8 & Tab ft. Anton Sonin – Black Is The New Yellow (Protoculture Remix)
  5. Kyau & Albert – A Night Like This
  6. Sasha – Xpander (Funkagenda Remix)
  7. Ernesto vs. Bastian Rework – God Is A DJ (Dub Mix)
  8. First State ft. Tyler Sherrit – Maze
  9. Arty – Rebound
  10. Ummet Ozcan – Reboot
  11. Kyau & Albert – Be There 4 U (Mat Zo Remix)
  12. Arnej – Dust In The Wind
Enjoy (if your ears don’t bleed).

Ready to be DJ ntranced

So I’ve finally done it, I’ve bought some decks to finish off my first bedroom DJ setup. A pair of Pioneer CDJ 400’s later and now I’m set to start mixing. I’ve had a quick play with it all and it’s definitely not as easy as it looks. The most difficult part for me at the moment is to make sense of my vast collection of music and organising it in a way which is sensible.

The setup

Haha yes, it is the dreaded long exposure trail, haven’t done those kind of photos in a long time, but there it is in all its glory, 2 CDJ 400’s, a DJM 3000 mixer and a set of aiaiai TMA-1’s (on my head an not pictured). Had it on my main desk for a few minutes just to plug it into my PC to see how it all goes and it does Traktor pretty well, but that will be for later :D.

The final piece

Hopefully I can pick it up fairly quickly and start cranking out some mixes :D.

Getting warmer…

Getting closer to unleasing dj ntranced šŸ˜‰ received an early present yesterday while at work, a set of new headphones. These are known as aiaiai’s TMA-1, set of DJ headphones produced by a Dutch company. Strange brand name, but quality product. Only did some rough research before buying them (used) and they seem to fit the bill in every aspect and it does seem like it was indeed made for DJ’s as far as their marketing goes.

Stealthy look, single sided cable as well as beingĀ removableĀ from both ends, perfect for my needs.

aiaiai TMA-1

Important question is, how do they sound? At first, I thought they were a bit too bassy and overpowering but after a few hours of listening, I kinda enjoyed it as it has a very smooth sound. While the bass is strong, it’s very clear and punchy, but as soon as you put them on, you’ll notice its sound stage, not sure how to describe it, but it’s very ‘big room’ and warm.

Pretty happy with them and one step closer to DJ’ing. Just need some decks now.


Masif Saturdays present Simon Patterson

Saturday night was one of some bangin’ trance with tech trance giant Simon Patterson coming down under to Space Nightclub. Late start to the night with Simon scheduled to come on at 2am, but not actually arriving until 2.30. Not neccessarily a bad thing as I had later discovered with a DJ by the name of Jordan Suckley ripping up the decks.

Was very impressed by his style and his manic ways of creating a storm via Traktor and cutting up beats like aĀ samurai, even bringing some scratching along. Simply stunning and I was gobsmacked.

Jordan Suckley

Simon Patterson came on with his thumping style shortly after and he seemed to love every moment of it. His set was the usual hard and fast and unfortunately I didn’t stick around for the whole thing, so not sure how he progressed later on into the night, was pretty tired by 4am.

Patterson on the decks

He seemed to loved the crowd with smiles all round and and strange addiction to the camera.

Patterson and the camera

For the rest of the gallery, click the image below.

More pics here

DJ ntranced is coming*

(*Ok, close but not really)

No idea when I’m actually going to make DJing happen but I’ve started off with a single piece of equipment, a mixer. Picked up a lovely Pioneer DJM-3000 4 channel professional mixer from a GraysOnline auction this morning and fired it up to make sure it all works and it does!

Pioneer DJM-3000

Don’t have anything to compare it with really, but on first impression, it was heavier than I had expected. The rotaries feel nice and solid and the faders are quite loose but don’t feel cheap. Pretty happy.

It’s a shame I can’t do much with it at the moment as I don’t have any CDJs. But nonetheless it’s a start :). Check back in the near future when I’ll hopefully get a pair off CDJs and a set of headphones and can start mixing up some trance.