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Getting on with my to do list – #1 projector screen!

With exams over forever (for now) and being sick at home, I decided to get some things done, first was mounting a projector screen on the ceiling. I’ve had the screen for close to a year and a projector for even longer. After about an hour of buying materials and getting it done, this is the end result:

Big screen 🙂

Nothing better than Despicable Me on the big screen :D, 71 inches on the diagonal for a 4:3 image or 63 inches for a 16:9 image. Awesome 😀


One down, four to go.

So, had the first of my five final exams and I’m feeling a bit okay with it. I guess it’s not too bad considering I could only manage to get a little over two hours sleep (not because I was cramming, but I just couldn’t sleep). A couple of questions I wasn’t too sure about but I hope it’s gonna be okay.

Was planning to spend the rest of the day studying at Uni, and can you believe on a WEEEKEND, finding an empty room in the ASB is not an easy task. I was seriously expecting half the rooms to be empty, but as I walked along the first level, each room I passed had someone studying or sleeping inside (as well as the occasional stash of books and bags). Instead of making good use of a few hours at Uni, I procastinated and instead bought the lonely planet’s “Discover Japan” book and had a quick skim through it. Also tried to get a rough idea of when we’ll be where and when the best time to fly to Korea would be.

It’s been quite hectic few weeks with studying and as a result, planning for the upcoming Japan trip has been put on the backburner and I really have no idea what I want to be doing over there nor do I know much about what’s there to do.

Doing everything you’re not supposed to be doing…

It’s Monday night, 3 days away from my one and only exam and I can’t seem to focus on getting any studying done, the whole course doesn’t really seem to make much sense, probably due to the incompetence of my lecturer and tutor (okay and my tendency to procastinate). Damn this whole database crap is doing my head in, functional dependencies, lossless decomposition, dependency preservation, b+ trees, joins, 4th normal form, multi valued dependencies, indexes, sparse indexes…argh I don’t remember anything. Should have at least rocked up to the tutes, I think I would have at least learnt some of processes needed to answer some of the exam questions. But anyways, enough of my ranting about the stupid subject and my crappy teachers.

I’m gonna write about dinner from last night (which I made, by myself XD).

The dish? Linguine withPanfried Salmon, well in my case it was more Fettucine than Linguine. Picture of the final result below. Verdict? Fairly tasty, but not as good as my Creamy Saffron and Seafood Fettucine from the other day (unfortunately no pics).


The recipe I found from google and allrecipes.com.au and instructions/ingredients are as follows. Continue reading Doing everything you’re not supposed to be doing…

Been a while…

Damn it’s been a while since I’ve written on this blog been caught up with uni work and I guess the unexpected flight up to Vietnam as well. Also have heaps of pics that I’ve yet to go through, sort, process and upload. Will hopefully get around to doing so after the exams.

So much has been happening recently too I guess, jumped out of a plane at 14 000 feet, went to celebrate Andrew’s (no not me >_>) and Veronica’s b’day at Havana and then Godskitchen’s 10 Year Anniversary Angel In White party and then just yesterday Alan’s B’day at Karaoke.

Will get pics up and more posts when I can.