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Embrace – Embrace (Ferry Corsten Fix)

This is definitely a less known tune and to be honest I never knew what it was called until it came up on di.fm and I instantly recognised it. First heard this in 2008 during one of the best nights I’ve ever had, Armin Only 2008 at the Hordern Pavillion.

I still remember the moment it was dropped and seriously chills went down my spine, it’s had that 3am/late night kinda vibe that just really brings you back into it. Continue reading Embrace – Embrace (Ferry Corsten Fix)

#ASOT600 – almost at an end

So because I haven’t been bothered to put together the video footage from ASOT600 in KL and the fact my blog was running a little dry, I decided to recap some of my favourite songs from ASOT600 so far. There’s only one more week til the celebrations finish in Den Bosch (damn you Hanna for actually going, so jealous).

While my experience of ASOT 600 in KL had been nothing short of phenomenal, I’ll save my thoughts there for another post once I can get the videos ready.

In the meantime, here are my favourite tracks so far, so many bangers and so many IDs!

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Ferry Corsten presents. Full On Ferry Ibiza

New compilation out by one of my favourite DJ’s, Ferry Corsten, it’s entitled Full On Ferry Ibiza, it’s got a decent sound to it and from what I’ve listened to so far, progresses rather nicely and has nice appeal to a wide variety of trance lovers. I must warn though there is a bit of commercial sounding stuff but I think it’s quite well balanced overall.

Full On Ferry Ibiza

As the title suggests, it’s a representation of the music he’s played on his Full On Ferry shows in Ibiza and being the summer time over there means the compilation has a love vibrant sound it. Great for casual listening and I rate it.

Tracklist below: Continue reading Ferry Corsten presents. Full On Ferry Ibiza

Ferry Corsten – Twice in a blue moon

Well well well, last week was Cream featuring Ferry Corsten’s Twice in a Blue Moon: The Experience, and boy what an experience it was, Giuseppe Ottaviani played as a guest before Ferry and he smashed out songs from his latest album called GO! and it was beautiful. Ferry came on soon after a 10 minute break in which Pee Wee Ferris came on to keep the music going and ended up dropping Rank1’s Symfo to bring everyone back into the partying mood. Ferry had a 4 hour slot to play and he used it well, with most of the first 3 hours spent on tracks from his album Twice in a Blue Moon combined with some spectacular tunes out of the blue (no pun intended) such as Chicane’s Poppiholla (Thrillseekers remix) and Saltwater as well as a classic back from the late 90’s, BT’s Flaming June (thank you Alok for the track ID). Videos from these tunes are below, but Ferry also played his classics in the final hour building up to a Grand Finale of Carte Blanche as the Encore. The final hour featured tracks such as Out of the Blue, Gouryella, Punk, Fire and much much more. It was an amazing set and was a mindblowing night. Photos are available on my Facebook, and sadly my camera also died that night, I may upload a video showing the exact moment of death as a laser shoots past and kills my sensor. Enjoy the videos and the crappy audio which comes with it.

The next event to come is Defqon1 host by QDance and it looks to be a massive event, although I’m not that excited about it, something about Hardstyles which puts me off.

Upcoming events

Despite still being a while away, I am absolutely pumped for a few upcoming events with the next event just over five weeks away. It’s been a while since the last Trance event due to it being winter with the exception of We Love Sounds (more like We Love Armin) but the Spring/Summer festivals are making their way here soon. So, three events in 4 weeks with Cream presenting Ferry Corsten’s Twice In A Blue Moon supported by Giuseppe Ottaviani followed by DEFQON1 Maximum Force Readiness and finally Godskitchen’s Boombox to top it all off.

First, Cream. This’ll be the first time that I’ll see Ferry Corsten play a live arena type show, typically I’ve seen him at Sublime (as a matter of fact twice) and he’s always delivered a stunning show with a smooth set mixed to perfection. I have wanted to experience Full On Ferry for myself but I guess this will be the closest I can get for now and I’m happy enough that Ferry’s playing a show at the Hordern. I think Ferry’s bringing down a vocalist so it’ll make it something a bit more special than a typical DJ only set, similar to Armin Only in 2008 which absolutely blew my mind. To be honest, I’m not too knowledgeable about Giuseppe Ottaviani but from what I have been told, he’s a class act, so it should be a great night.
Click Here for more info.

The next event on the calander is a only a week after Cream and that’s going to be the biggest hard dance music event in Australia. It’s DEFQON1 and it’s on and island… Surrounded by water! (no shit) I gotta say, this event is a bit of a mixed bag for me. I’m not the biggest fan of hardstyle music but it’s just going to be such a massive event that I have to see it for myself, the other thing that swayed me is the fact that it’s multiple stages including a hard trance and hardcore stage which should give me some variety once I get sick of the doof doof of the hardstyle. No doubt about it, it’ll certainly be an interesting event and something that intrigues me, I’ll reserve judgement until I actually experience the thing.
Click here for more info.

The third and final event that’s confirmed for me is Godskitchen for 2009. This time round, they’re bringing the whole boombox tour down under and it should be a spectacular show. For those who don’t know what the boombox show is it’s a massive stage with an appearance of 8×3 cubes with images projected across the front of the stage. It’s a contraption designed by Exyzt, the same mob that created Etienne De Crecy’s cube show which was demonstrated to us at Future Music Festival (Youtube it for the wows). It certainly will provide a spectacular show, unlike the crappy highschool standard production of Godskitchen 2009 which was plagued by poor promoting, ticket sales, production and sound quality. It was just a bad combination and if Future Entertainment think they can pull a stunt like that again, Godskitchen will surely be boycotted for the future years. Poor ticket sales is no excuse, put on a good party and the ticket sales will roll in. ID&T still managed to put on an amazing show at Trance Energy despite less than spectacular ticket sales.
Click here for more info.

That’s it for now, I can’t wait for the first event to come.

We're all made of love…

Ferry Corsten was playing at Home Nightclub on the 2nd of Jan and I had the privelege to witness such an amazing DJ play an amazing set. Make that 2 amazing DJ’s. Scott Richardson, one of Australia’s best opened the night starting with some prgressive music, an hour-ish before the big man came on, he played some banging tunes, Miracle, Out of the sky and the killer Richard Durand remix of Lethal industry, simply beautiful.

Next came the big man himself, Ferry Corsten, he came on strong, playing most of the tunes from his new album Twice in a blue moon. His style has become more tech driven rather then melodic but his technical skills with the decks were superb, smooth flawless transistions from one track to another. There was one tune I was waiting to hear all night and that was Made of Love from his new album and it was EPIC when dropped. The final hour of the set was filled with all the great tunes from the newer Brain Box and Radio Crash to the Ferry classics I had grown to love, Punk, Fire, Beautiful, L.E.F and an epic violin edit of Out of the blue all complimented by the phenomenal Ferry remix of Human by the Killers, the crowd went crazy.

I’ll add a few pics and perhaps videos from the night when I can be bothered. But here’s a killer tune from Ferry, just recently released. It’s called “Made of Love” and here’s a youtube video so you know what it sounds like.

And some lyrics for those that like to sing-a-long…

Just try to break me
Take everything away
Just try to shake me
Out of my place

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