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Godskitchen 2011 – Photos

The long weekend in Sydney means a night of trance music under the Godskitchen banner. This year was to be a trance odyssey with the journey being led with locals VLN and Thomas Knight before blasting off with Binary Finary and continuing forth with Ben Gold, Marco V, Richard Durand and finally with John Askew to end the journey.

Godskitchen 2011

Had an absolute blast that night and probably one of the most fun I’ve ever had while taking photos at an event like this. Great atmosphere and all the international DJ’s seemed to just love it, was lovely to meet them and got a few snaps with most of them :D.

Me and Ben Gold
Me and Marco V
Me and Mr. Durand

Event was a bit smaller then it has been with the side seating curtained off, but with that done, the venue looked quite full. Production was pretty good (much better than the woeful ‘Angel in White party’ for those who were there :P) with plenty of coloured lasers with lighting extended to the rear of the crowd (as opposed to just on stage).

Decent production

Only thing would probably be the lack of theme, personally I think if you’re gonna give the event a name like a ‘trance odyssey’, there should be some effort into incorporating it into the night. All in all, quite happy with the night and pretty happy with the photos this time.

Click the image below for the full gallery.

Click here for the rest of the photos

Godskitchen 2011 – A Space Odyssey

So the announcement was made last week about the lineup for this year’s Godskitchen. I’m quite pleased with the lineup and it seems like it’s gonna be a hard night with the international headliners being:

  • Marco V
  • Richard Durand
  • John Askew
  • Ben Gold

It’s at the Hordern again on Sunday the 2nd of October, not to worry, the Sunday falls on the long weekend and you’ll have the Monday to recover before heading back to work/uni or whatever.

Godskitchen 2011

Should be a good night and if there’s one thing I’d be looking forward to, it’d be this epic remix of an epic song:

Richard Durand’s remix of Art of Trance’s Madagascar. Still brings chills down my spine.


So the long weekend is quickly approaching and that means one thing for me, the night long party which is Godskitchen. It’s been so long since a decent trance event has been on the Sydney calendar and there are some high expectations after the epic that was the Boombox, the same time last year. This year the Boombox has been packed away and the 3D trend is continuing on, with no idea what to expect, I’m quite excited. This year’s line up is pretty good again with Andy Moor, Marcel Woods, John O Callaghan and Wippenberg representing Sydney’s lineup (supported by locals VLN and Thomas Knight). It’s a shame that us Sydney-siders miss out on Binary Finary but it’s still a strong line up none-the-less.

Just to get you in the mood, I’ve linked some youtube videos to some tunes produced by the artists playing and will be what I’ll be looking forward to.

Continue reading GODSKITCHEN in 3D

Paul Van Dyk – Home (Cosmic Gate Remix)

Just heard this song again at Godskitchen’s Boombox tour in Sydney and absolutely loved it, I felt like I had to share.


The people poured their concrete floors,
And built their churches and their walls,
They painted pictures of their hopes and fears on them.

A single look, a tiny touch can change the system, it’s enough,
And I can see it all in you love.

And your eyes explode with light, explode with light, I’m covered in your light.

My home is where you are,
In every beat, in every beat we’re closer.
My home is where you are,
In every beat, in every beat we’re closer.

They fashioned streets out of the rock,
And struck up statues to their gods,
And hung out flags on every corner they made.

We are charged, spoiling to go,
You bring me back back to where I’m from,
A billion molecules all lined up.

And our hearts are pulsing with life, Pulsing with life, we’re pulsing with life.

My home is where you are,
In every beat, in every beat we’re closer.
My home is where you are,
In every beat, in every beat we’re closer.

Upcoming events

Despite still being a while away, I am absolutely pumped for a few upcoming events with the next event just over five weeks away. It’s been a while since the last Trance event due to it being winter with the exception of We Love Sounds (more like We Love Armin) but the Spring/Summer festivals are making their way here soon. So, three events in 4 weeks with Cream presenting Ferry Corsten’s Twice In A Blue Moon supported by Giuseppe Ottaviani followed by DEFQON1 Maximum Force Readiness and finally Godskitchen’s Boombox to top it all off.

First, Cream. This’ll be the first time that I’ll see Ferry Corsten play a live arena type show, typically I’ve seen him at Sublime (as a matter of fact twice) and he’s always delivered a stunning show with a smooth set mixed to perfection. I have wanted to experience Full On Ferry for myself but I guess this will be the closest I can get for now and I’m happy enough that Ferry’s playing a show at the Hordern. I think Ferry’s bringing down a vocalist so it’ll make it something a bit more special than a typical DJ only set, similar to Armin Only in 2008 which absolutely blew my mind. To be honest, I’m not too knowledgeable about Giuseppe Ottaviani but from what I have been told, he’s a class act, so it should be a great night.
Click Here for more info.

The next event on the calander is a only a week after Cream and that’s going to be the biggest hard dance music event in Australia. It’s DEFQON1 and it’s on and island… Surrounded by water! (no shit) I gotta say, this event is a bit of a mixed bag for me. I’m not the biggest fan of hardstyle music but it’s just going to be such a massive event that I have to see it for myself, the other thing that swayed me is the fact that it’s multiple stages including a hard trance and hardcore stage which should give me some variety once I get sick of the doof doof of the hardstyle. No doubt about it, it’ll certainly be an interesting event and something that intrigues me, I’ll reserve judgement until I actually experience the thing.
Click here for more info.

The third and final event that’s confirmed for me is Godskitchen for 2009. This time round, they’re bringing the whole boombox tour down under and it should be a spectacular show. For those who don’t know what the boombox show is it’s a massive stage with an appearance of 8×3 cubes with images projected across the front of the stage. It’s a contraption designed by Exyzt, the same mob that created Etienne De Crecy’s cube show which was demonstrated to us at Future Music Festival (Youtube it for the wows). It certainly will provide a spectacular show, unlike the crappy highschool standard production of Godskitchen 2009 which was plagued by poor promoting, ticket sales, production and sound quality. It was just a bad combination and if Future Entertainment think they can pull a stunt like that again, Godskitchen will surely be boycotted for the future years. Poor ticket sales is no excuse, put on a good party and the ticket sales will roll in. ID&T still managed to put on an amazing show at Trance Energy despite less than spectacular ticket sales.
Click here for more info.

That’s it for now, I can’t wait for the first event to come.

Been a while…

Damn it’s been a while since I’ve written on this blog been caught up with uni work and I guess the unexpected flight up to Vietnam as well. Also have heaps of pics that I’ve yet to go through, sort, process and upload. Will hopefully get around to doing so after the exams.

So much has been happening recently too I guess, jumped out of a plane at 14 000 feet, went to celebrate Andrew’s (no not me >_>) and Veronica’s b’day at Havana and then Godskitchen’s 10 Year Anniversary Angel In White party and then just yesterday Alan’s B’day at Karaoke.

Will get pics up and more posts when I can.