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1 week in London so far

While at first things seemed to move really slowly, one week flew by pretty damn quickly! Admin wise I’m getting closer with a bank account opened, but no way to transact and my National Insurance number application completed.

Process for the bank account was a little slow but they’re really thorough with the identity checks and making sure you’re aware of the T&Cs, something that seems to be glossed over in Aus.

Been out and about a bit too, went to visit the Science Museum which was pretty cool, my favourites were the space exhibition and the planes/air transport.

On entry, you’re greeted with these huge engines from the past, including the horizontal piston engine below, the size of it is insane!

Went to meet up for drinks with a high school friend and her friends and crazily enough one of them is Kaz’s friend. Strangely enough it turned out to be the girl she bumped into randomly last time we were here in London on holidays. Small world!

Met up with Cathy at the Ninth Ward for a drink, silly me didn’t realise it was happy hour and ran off without my change! Thankfully the bartender found me afterwards. Then it was onto The Winemakers Club a nice little wine bar that felt like you were in a cellar. 3 bottles down we decided to move on back to Tracy’s place and more wine and Indian food.

Saturday rolls by and pleasantly woken up with photos and videos from Bob and Sylvia’s wedding. Seeing the shenanigans made me miss home a bit.

Also, thanks for the song dedication guys. I was practically there! Even (partially) dressed for the occasion.

Hoping there won’t be too many more things I’ll miss, it looked like a blast! All the best guys. Also missed  Art and Lemon’s engagement already and that’s only a week in! Better have your wedding on an appropriate date!

Went for Uyghur food afterwards and it was one of the things I was craving before I left for London. Glad to find some locally, was really craving the lamb skewers. The skewers were okay (pricey though!) but they had this pot chicken with handmade noodles that was absolutely delish!

A few drinks with Long around Shoreditch wrapped up the Saturday. Gin and Tonic in large glasses, sorta like wine glasses, seems to be pretty standard here, not like the tumblers you get back home. A tip, don’t try eating the dried juniper berries.

Sunday was a lazy walk around some markets, Old Spitalfields and Brick Lane.

No shirt for me this time, but this caught me eye:

There were also food trucks next door and some smoked brisket was lunch of choice.

It was pretty damn tasty, there was a heap of caramelised onion that went beautifully with the smoky bbq sauce (strange fact: BBQ sauce isn’t commonly used here!)

Brick lane had a vintage market as well and some of the clothing looked seriously cool. Nothing I could pull off (and vintage clothing is bloody expensive!).

Plenty of graffiti and street art lurking in the lanes too. Plenty of politically motivated ones but will post up more in another post.

Party-wise I’ve locked in Transmission in Prague with flights and tickets sorted! Pretty psyched to be honest! Found out Kolsch was playing a live set a fabric so that’s locked in too!

Feeling good at the end of the week, feeling like most of the admin hurdles are progressing and I can focus on the job hunt.

There’s a few photos to put up from my walks around Brick Lane and Westminster and Southbank (no, not the one in Brisbane).


So went down for a trip to Melbourne over the Queen’s Birthday long weekend (mostly because of a free domestic flight from JetStar). Decided to go down just to chill and get away from regular life in Sydney. Took a flight down on Friday morning and arrived at about lunch time. Hired a car, decided to go with a manual for some practice despite my lack of confidence in manual driving, but I seemed to do okay. Car was a late model Ford Laser which felt rather zippy.

The beast

Went shopping for a bit before heading into the city to check into the hotel room. Caught up with an old friend who moved down from Sydney before catching up with a friend I met in Japan. Went around drinking at night and ended up going to Alumbra. Pretty good place there and enjoyed the vibe there a lot more than what Sydney has. Next day went for a little more shopping at South Wharf before taking a trek down to the 12 apostles via the Great Ocean Road. The road is great fun and twists a fair bit. Took a wrong turn as it got dark as well and it became forest like and pitch black! Kinda scary driving down a twisty unknown road, just to make it worse, for one section there were cows along side the road. It ended up leading to a lighthouse but it was a heaps dark walk to the light house so I just snapped this and left.

Light house in the distance

Stayed there for the night so I could get up early and get some sunrise photos of the 12 apostles and stuff, didn’t quite turn out as I had hoped but this was the result:

12 Apostles by morning

Finally came back to the city in the morning to meet up with a few more people I met from Japan where they took me to eat and showed me round the grafitti and more of the town.

Streets of Melbourne

The last day was spent driving around randomly before catching my delayed flight home which was quite fortunate as there were heaps of people waiting around as their flights were cancelled because of the ash cloud.

Rest of the pics below:

Click here for the rest