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Short visit to Slovenia for work

Visiting Kranj and Ljubljana in Slovenia. Part of my role at Arriva meant visiting some of the countries that we operate in and meet with various directors to better understand their market and what opportunities exist for us to capitalise on with digital technology.

Weather was overcast when I landed and could make out some mountains in the background.

The office is in Kranj, 20 minutes from the airport and that’s where I was based. Was meant to meet with my colleague to get some work done but due to the snow in London, his flights were badly delayed.

Kranj itself has a rather soviet feel to it with some brutalist styled architecture remaining in the city.

There is an old town side which is rather lovely and a stark contrast, buildings were painted in all sorts of pastel tones. Continue reading Short visit to Slovenia for work

Transmission Prague with videos

First trip out of the UK and it’s one of the items on my bucket list checked off. Transmission, one of those events that I’ve always wanted to go to and honestly without moving here, I probably would have never gone because it’s in a pretty random time of the year.

On arrival with Jeff, it turns out that there was a pretty huge group of people from Australia (and mostly Asian!). It wasn’t until lunch that I found out that there’d be a group 40 or 50 strong of Asian Aussies (okay there were a few non Asians, but ironically they weren’t Aussie). Huge!

Anyway, heading in was okay but the crowd (not queue) for the cloakroom was insane making me miss most of Super8 and Tab. I did manage a peak from the side on entering and I wasn’t really blown away. Was it possible that it’s not as great and grand as the videos??

Absolutely not! Heading in through the back and then onto the floor, my mind was blown. The scale of the stage is really big and I think its height is what’s crazy.

First full set was Sander van Doorn pres. Purple Haze, one of my favourites and this time round blue my mind even more than the last time. Particular favourite was a new remix of Daft Punk’s within. Really loved it because the only other time I’ve heard anything from Random Access Memories out loud was at the album launch in Wee Waa and it’s really a great album out loud.

Continue reading Transmission Prague with videos

The first month in London

A month has rolled by pretty quickly and I think that’s because I’ve got a lot of my life admin sorted and started the focus on looking for jobs. I’m pretty keen to get started as soon as possible so I can get some income over the Christmas period, without a job now would probably mean no work until early February (which on top of the trip back for the weddings would mean March!).

Interestingly enough, I always wanted to go back to being a Business Analyst, simply because it’d be easier to contract but I haven’t had a great call back rate. Funnily enough, applications for Product Owner roles have had much greater success, not sure if there’s less supply for the role here, or recruiters are more focussed on my most recent experience.

I’ve found a more permanent home as well, it’s a room shared with 3 others right next to Old Street station. Few things that made me choose it; first the dates lined up perfectly with the end of my Airbnb and giving a day overlap to make moving easier. Two, it’s a short lease period, 3 months and to get out you only need a month’s notice after that. Thirdly, the space itself was decent, might sound silly, but the fact it had a living room and a decent sized kitchen was a winner.

Some photos from the listing:

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Timelapse/video of Vivid Sydney 2013

Since getting a video capable DSLR and my Sony NEX, I’ve been a lot more fascinated with video and filming. As part of Vivid this year, I felt like I could put something together and the video below is the result of that. Continue reading Timelapse/video of Vivid Sydney 2013

Vivid 2013 – a few photos

Being more focussed on the video and timelapses this year, this means the number of photos I have from Vivid has suffered. Rather lazy so most (if not all) of these shots are hand held without a tripod. The super fast aperture of 1.4 from the Sigma 35mm lens proved to be extremely handy. Its sharpness meant there was no hesitation to shoot wide open. Continue reading Vivid 2013 – a few photos

Vivid 2012

Winter every year is always exciting for any photographer as Sydney comes to life with a colourful display of light displays and installations. This year I was quite lazy (despite giving it a few visits) and went without a tripod, a rather rare sight for anyone carrying an SLR.

The unexpected rain didn’t help either as I generally like to scout first and then come back with a tripod for some long exposure action. This year had some very nice art works, the first being the tunnel at the Rocks, lit up with colourful flowers.

Coming through to Circular Quay from the rocks leads to an array of various smaller installations, one which was rather interesting from afar and upclose/inside was this tunnel of EL lights. Walking through the tunnel gives a strange sense of distortion as the lines of lighting skew and play with your peripheral vision.

The Opera House was a bit of a disappointment, going for a more artsy and perhaps meaningful display was a stark contrast from the colourful patterns of previous years. Instead of random and colour patters, we have a guy and a girl rolling around with a few shuffles of the ’tiles’ in between.

Continuing on further towards Circular Quay was the Museum of Contemporary arts with two installations. The first being an interactive experience where a set of Kinect cameras capture your body and allow you to grab ‘bites of sound’ and move them around, changing the song. Was bit hard to use at first, but quite cool at the same time.

The other part of the MCA was a large architectural projection with plenty of colourful patterns and colour (and in my opinion, what Vivid really represents)

Customs house was another winner in my books with a colour cartoon movie showing on the entire building, colourful colours with accurate mapping to the architectural features made it look very well done. The only disappointment from me is that it’s only a single clip which runs over and over (rather than a bunch of random pieces that change over time).


Other notable mentions were a group of ‘holographic headed’ dogs which would respond to a whistle (triggered by a red button) and turn out, kinda cute.

Another cool installation was a light covered by 25 individual moving flaps which would respond to a sound. The coolness of this installation was compounded by a rather talented man making some sounds (not the screams and yells most people do). He was sorta doing scales with his voice and strange tones and the flaps would and change.

The rest of the images can be seen by viewing the rest of the gallery (click the pic).

Click here for more Vivid 2012 images

Vivid 2011

Bit delayed but finally got round to getting through the rest of the photos, cold nights and the projections were heaps dynamic and moved around making long exposures difficult. Vivid does seem to be growing in size but one thing I did notice was that the projections on the Opera House weren’t as precise as the previous years, not sure why.

The display at Customs House was rather pretty though!

Pics below:

Click for photos

Vivid 2011 – Preview

Went to check out the 3rd incarnation of Vivid Sydney a few days ago after work and put my new tripod to work (Manfrotto MT294A3 with an 804RC2 3-way head). Found this year’s to be more vibrant and animated, which was both a good and bad thing. Sure it made it more interesting to watch from your own eyes, but photographing it became a pain in the ass. Timing was crucial as well as a thorough analysis of the patterns as not all could be shot with a long exposure.

First was customs house, displaying a lovely video display of the building burning up, cracking, being filled with water, stretched and more. Very cool to look at, and the audio certainly adds to the effect.

Customs house, powered by Intel

Next, a shot of the Opera House with the sails lit up from the Overseas Passenger Terminal.

Blue essence

Moving on to Campbell’s Cove to check out the fire dance (to Katy Perry), tried to balance the exposure of the flames with the bridge, not easy, the flames are bright.


And a final shot of the Opera House.

Almost laser-like

More to come later.

Magic City 2011 – Preview

Last Saturday night I was one of the photographers working at Magic City and it was a rather awesome night, usually not my kind of music, but this time it was pretty good. JamX aka DuMonde brought back a lot of memories, especially my younger years when I started listening to trance, quite a few songs I never thought I’d ever hear played again so that was rather awesome. I don’t know why I always seem to clock up some many photos with these events, always makes going through them so difficult, especially when they only want 100-150 photos.

So here’s a little preview of the shots from the night.

Lasers from the ground
Lasers from the air
On stage

Other thing that was particularly special about the night was this shot…

View from the roof

Yes, that is from the roof of the Hordern, spectacular view there. Guess that’s theĀ privilegeĀ of being a photographer, and getting your own dressing room is nice too :D.

Photographer's room