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Vivid 2013 – a few photos

Being more focussed on the video and timelapses this year, this means the number of photos I have from Vivid has suffered. Rather lazy so most (if not all) of these shots are hand held without a tripod. The super fast aperture of 1.4 from the Sigma 35mm lens proved to be extremely handy. Its sharpness meant there was no hesitation to shoot wide open. Continue reading Vivid 2013 – a few photos

Vivid 2011

Bit delayed but finally got round to getting through the rest of the photos, cold nights and the projections were heaps dynamic and moved around making long exposures difficult. Vivid does seem to be growing in size but one thing I did notice was that the projections on the Opera House weren’t as precise as the previous years, not sure why.

The display at Customs House was rather pretty though!

Pics below:

Click for photos

Vivid 2011 – Preview

Went to check out the 3rd incarnation of Vivid Sydney a few days ago after work and put my new tripod to work (Manfrotto MT294A3 with an 804RC2 3-way head). Found this year’s to be more vibrant and animated, which was both a good and bad thing. Sure it made it more interesting to watch from your own eyes, but photographing it became a pain in the ass. Timing was crucial as well as a thorough analysis of the patterns as not all could be shot with a long exposure.

First was customs house, displaying a lovely video display of the building burning up, cracking, being filled with water, stretched and more. Very cool to look at, and the audio certainly adds to the effect.

Customs house, powered by Intel

Next, a shot of the Opera House with the sails lit up from the Overseas Passenger Terminal.

Blue essence

Moving on to Campbell’s Cove to check out the fire dance (to Katy Perry), tried to balance the exposure of the flames with the bridge, not easy, the flames are bright.


And a final shot of the Opera House.

Almost laser-like

More to come later.