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New theme and I’m ready to blog more

Was getting sick of my current theme as I felt it didn’t really reflect what my blog was and what I wanted with it. I looked around but nothing really appealed off the bat, but I eventually chose this one called ‘Expound’ and added some of my own little touches. I like being able to have a header and background image, something I can easily change to spruce up the page.

With a new theme in place, I really need to get back into blogging, I’m contemplating having a camera around with me everywhere so I can capture more of the things that go on around. I also have a whole heap of catching up to do

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Cirez D – Mokba

Another Eric Prydz tune and O.M.G. it’s awesome! Very simple and proggy but damn so funky at the same time. Simply love the bassline, just epic to get any big night going.

I know I’ve heard this live somewhere but I can’t put my finger on it, thinking A&B but not too sure… Give me a shout if you remember! Definitely gotta incorporate this into a mix some how/some time.