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The only thing that puts me out… is the drive inside me!

Oh yeah I must be crazy.
But I believe it’s my destiny.

What am I on about? Marcel Woods is what I’m on about coming down to Australia for a short club tour. Was privileged enough to be covering this event and I must way I was impressed by what the Masif Saturdays and Genesis guys did to the venue. Quite a bit of effort into the production with LCD screens, more lasers and lights, walking into the main room, you know it’s gonna be a good night.

Start of the night

Marcel Woods, I know him for being a little bit dark, driving and rather electric, a few of my favourites would be Advanced, Inside Me and The bottle.

Here’s inside me:


In short, I had some pretty big expectations and when he started off it was amazing, but a few songs later and I’m thinking no way… (not the good no way either). I start to hear the lyrics of something rather familiar, something rather cheesy. I hear ‘I turn the music up, I got my records on…’ and think what the fuck. Now don’t get me wrong, I love Coldplay and the remixes of Every Tear is a waterfall, but this was Marcel Woods! How does a guy that produces songs like Advanced and The bottle play this crap in his set?!

He makes up for it by dropping some killer darker and electric (note electric, not electro) and faith in humanity is restored. See the video below:

But not for long a familiar intro comes a long, it builds a lot slower than usual, I’m thinking oh no… but then it starts to shift and change and I’m thinking perhaps Funkagenda’s What The Fuck, but I’m wrong. Turns out, it was LEVELS and I’m standing there with the biggest what the fuck look on my face. Some more wtf is him dropping Warp by Steve Aoki, see video below:

We’re in a club gig here not an Aussie festival, I expect hard driving trance from this man, look at the photo on his album… that does not look like the face of a man who plays LEVELS!

Cover for reference

Overall it was an okay night, definitely some highlights during the night, some remix of  ‘hardcore vibes’ definitely brought out the kid in me, definitely never thought I’d hear that one out live.

The extra production at Space made for some nice photos and many thanks to the techs there for helping me out by adjusting the par cans pointing at the DJ from a horrible blue wash to something more neutral. Made the photos a million times better.

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