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Transmission Prague with videos

First trip out of the UK and it’s one of the items on my bucket list checked off. Transmission, one of those events that I’ve always wanted to go to and honestly without moving here, I probably would have never gone because it’s in a pretty random time of the year.

On arrival with Jeff, it turns out that there was a pretty huge group of people from Australia (and mostly Asian!). It wasn’t until lunch that I found out that there’d be a group 40 or 50 strong of Asian Aussies (okay there were a few non Asians, but ironically they weren’t Aussie). Huge!

Anyway, heading in was okay but the crowd (not queue) for the cloakroom was insane making me miss most of Super8 and Tab. I did manage a peak from the side on entering and I wasn’t really blown away. Was it possible that it’s not as great and grand as the videos??

Absolutely not! Heading in through the back and then onto the floor, my mind was blown. The scale of the stage is really big and I think its height is what’s crazy.

First full set was Sander van Doorn pres. Purple Haze, one of my favourites and this time round blue my mind even more than the last time. Particular favourite was a new remix of Daft Punk’s within. Really loved it because the only other time I’ve heard anything from Random Access Memories out loud was at the album launch in Wee Waa and it’s really a great album out loud.

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Above and Beyond at the O2 with videos

When in London and close to more music events and festivals, I didn’t take long to find my first one, Above and Beyond. Great to see them on their home turf at the O2 arena which isn’t too dissimilar to our Qudos arena in size and layout.

Having all three members there didn’t seem to be a big deal, I remember the spectacle that was made when all three came to tour in Sydney for the ABGT show.

First supporting act was Lutrell Which I only managed to catch the end off, but he did end on a banger; Stormchaser, one of my favourite Anjunadeep songs.

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Armin Only and Cafe Del Mar announced!

Two very exciting announcements out today for Sydney today which has got me pretty stoked. The first? World’s number 1 DJ Armin van Buuren has announced his Armin Only world tour for his artist album ‘Intense’. The second? World famous beach front bar in Ibiza known for its chill out music and amazing sunsets.

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The Thillseekers – this is real trance

Jimmy has enlightened me that The Thrillseekers will be on their way down for a club gig on Friday the 13th of September. To be honest, initially wasn’t immediately in (as it’s the week after Protoculture, Max Graham and Lange), however he also linked me to the following set below. Continue reading The Thillseekers – this is real trance

#ASOT600 – almost at an end

So because I haven’t been bothered to put together the video footage from ASOT600 in KL and the fact my blog was running a little dry, I decided to recap some of my favourite songs from ASOT600 so far. There’s only one more week til the celebrations finish in Den Bosch (damn you Hanna for actually going, so jealous).

While my experience of ASOT 600 in KL had been nothing short of phenomenal, I’ll save my thoughts there for another post once I can get the videos ready.

In the meantime, here are my favourite tracks so far, so many bangers and so many IDs!

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Paul Kalkbrenner – Live in Sydney (2012)

I can’t believe I had only discovered the music of this man about a year ago and I definitely love the stuff he makes, I do believe this music is called Techno, but it’s definitely not what the doof-doof music commonly (and mistakenly) associated with the word.

This music to me, is simply beautiful, it’s progressive and has a moving melodic sound. It was then of great pleasure to be asked to photograph this event and be paid for it on behalf of Future Entertainment.

The event was held at the HiFi in Moore Park Sydney which is a large-ish venue holding about 1400 people, I don’t think it was sold out but it was certainly very full (especially the main floor).

The night was opened by Paul’s own partner Serena, whom I must say is pretty hot and I think it sets the mood perfectly for what’s about to come. While her music style is a little different, it does open the night well.

Photographically, it was a little bit challenging, but still very manageable, the main problem was the elevation of the stage combined with the relatively small (projector-based) screen and limited direct lighting on Paul himself. The crowd was too packed to move through as well and not being allowed the use of flash in the pit, I had to carefully time some long-ish exposures to capture people using the strobes on stage.

The projection does cover his face at times and the small screen means it’s hard to get an interesting background without funky patterns on his face. I was glad I got the initial opening shot with the full PK logo. In Paul’s fashion, he’s always gonna have a cigarette lit up and I think this shot captures it nicely.

The crowd was fanatic for him and the cheers for him after the show were immensely loud, louder than the speakers producing the music!  He loved the crowd and did come out for another round of waves. I was quite lucky with this shot as it was manually focused.

Having a DSLR capable of video nowadays means I will be recording more and more video from events I shoot at, manual audio gain control means I can get some recording without massive distortion, but there’s still a lot to be desired for in terms of audio quality.

The first video is Paul’s most known song, called Sky and Sand which was a collab with his brother Fritz, it’s the song which introduced me to Paul Kalkbrenner and his music.

The other video I have is of another one of his bigger tunes, called Aaron.

For more photos, check out the following facebook album and be sure to like my facebook page to keep up-to-date with upcoming photo gigs.

I had an absolute blast shooting this and will definitely look forward to his next visit.

Godskitchen 2011 – A Space Odyssey

So the announcement was made last week about the lineup for this year’s Godskitchen. I’m quite pleased with the lineup and it seems like it’s gonna be a hard night with the international headliners being:

  • Marco V
  • Richard Durand
  • John Askew
  • Ben Gold

It’s at the Hordern again on Sunday the 2nd of October, not to worry, the Sunday falls on the long weekend and you’ll have the Monday to recover before heading back to work/uni or whatever.

Godskitchen 2011

Should be a good night and if there’s one thing I’d be looking forward to, it’d be this epic remix of an epic song:

Richard Durand’s remix of Art of Trance’s Madagascar. Still brings chills down my spine.

Magic City 2011 – Preview

Last Saturday night I was one of the photographers working at Magic City and it was a rather awesome night, usually not my kind of music, but this time it was pretty good. JamX aka DuMonde brought back a lot of memories, especially my younger years when I started listening to trance, quite a few songs I never thought I’d ever hear played again so that was rather awesome. I don’t know why I always seem to clock up some many photos with these events, always makes going through them so difficult, especially when they only want 100-150 photos.

So here’s a little preview of the shots from the night.

Lasers from the ground
Lasers from the air
On stage

Other thing that was particularly special about the night was this shot…

View from the roof

Yes, that is from the roof of the Hordern, spectacular view there. Guess that’s the privilege of being a photographer, and getting your own dressing room is nice too :D.

Photographer's room


So the long weekend is quickly approaching and that means one thing for me, the night long party which is Godskitchen. It’s been so long since a decent trance event has been on the Sydney calendar and there are some high expectations after the epic that was the Boombox, the same time last year. This year the Boombox has been packed away and the 3D trend is continuing on, with no idea what to expect, I’m quite excited. This year’s line up is pretty good again with Andy Moor, Marcel Woods, John O Callaghan and Wippenberg representing Sydney’s lineup (supported by locals VLN and Thomas Knight). It’s a shame that us Sydney-siders miss out on Binary Finary but it’s still a strong line up none-the-less.

Just to get you in the mood, I’ve linked some youtube videos to some tunes produced by the artists playing and will be what I’ll be looking forward to.

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