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Snowy weekend #1

Had such a fun weekend at the snows with some good mates Andy, Richard and Peter learning to snowboard for the first time at Thredbo a few days ago. We spent early Friday morning on a mission to get ourselves to the snowy mountains for three days of fun filled adventure.

The boys

Getting there on Friday morning, the weather was great! Skies were clear and plenty of snow from the nights before. First thing was getting our gear, we hired from a place called Oz Snow Adventures at Jindabyne and it ended up being $375 for the board, boots, 3 day lift pass and a first timer’s lesson. Pretty steep. Once at the snow we grabbed some brekky and Richard and I waited for our lesson, 2 hours for $10. Pretty good value and learnt the basics of getting up the lifts and down the mountain.¬†After a couple of goes, Andy and Peter convince us to go along some ‘intermediate’ trails much higher up in the mountain.

Beautiful clear day

Second day we ventured even higher taking the Kosciusko Express up as we planned to get all the way to the top and take the long village trail down to the bottom. Unfortunately for us our plans were thwarted by our noobness and struggled to get up the T bar, eventually after many many attempts I got to the top but it was already 4.30pm and the lifts were closed. It was also windy as hell and visibility was really bad. So with my fogged up goggles we headed down to the base of the mountain.

Stormy second afternoon

Our last day at the snows wasn’t too great either, strong winds (basically a blizzard) meant that only two lifts were open, the one for Easy Does It and the Merritts lift meaning our options were rather limited. It was also freezing cold and almost impossible to see around. After 3 runs down we ended up on Easy Does It/Friday Flats and decided to try doing jumps over these small hills at the Wombat World kids area. Good fun but I struggled to stay upright after landing.

98km/h winds and crap visibility

Can’t wait to go again in a little under 2 weeks time and hopefully I’ll be able to switch from heelside to toeside with more confidence.