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Eco – m (you) sic

Although the album has been out for a few months, I’ve only just recently discovered it. Eco, previously known as DJ Eco (and the man responsible for the smash hit Borealis) has delivered the goods with the album entitled “m(you)sic”. I find it a little hard to describe what this album is, as you listen through the whole thing, it has a very nice progression from start to end with a few very downbeat and chilled songs, like part 1 and 2 of architextures but building slowly to some more melodic and slightly driving tunes such as “The Light In Your Eyes Went Out”. It’s a perfect Sunday afternoon album for lazing about or perfect for a long drive.


One of the tunes is a collaboration with Eller Van Buuren (yes, it’s Armin’s little guitarist brother) called My Name is You(th)

Definitely worth a listen if you’re a bit more relaxed about your music choices as it’s not quite as smashing as Borealis and a little strayed from your regular club trance (the album as a whole).

Other tune I’m loving from the album is “The Light In Your Eyes Went Out”

Sunday Dinner – Pan Fried Salmon Fillet

Surprisingly there were no left overs from yesterday’s BBQ with the family so I had to resort to making my own dinner, there was a piece of Salmon Fillet in the fridge so that’d be the choice for the main.

Salmon I keep very simple, all I did was sprinkle on some cracked pepper and a squeeze of lemon juice. In the frying pan I had a few cloves of garlic frying and once it got up to temperature, in went the fish. As it cooks sprinkle on a little salt and flip over. Serve once cooked to your liking.

Here’s the end result, with a green salad on the side as well as some potato salad.

Pan fried salmon

Made a little dipping sauce on the side made up of mustard, mayonnaise, lemon juice and a little honey.

Very quick, very simple and pretty good in taste.