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The first month in London

A month has rolled by pretty quickly and I think that’s because I’ve got a lot of my life admin sorted and started the focus on looking for jobs. I’m pretty keen to get started as soon as possible so I can get some income over the Christmas period, without a job now would probably mean no work until early February (which on top of the trip back for the weddings would mean March!).

Interestingly enough, I always wanted to go back to being a Business Analyst, simply because it’d be easier to contract but I haven’t had a great call back rate. Funnily enough, applications for Product Owner roles have had much greater success, not sure if there’s less supply for the role here, or recruiters are more focussed on my most recent experience.

I’ve found a more permanent home as well, it’s a room shared with 3 others right next to Old Street station. Few things that made me choose it; first the dates lined up perfectly with the end of my Airbnb and giving a day overlap to make moving easier. Two, it’s a short lease period, 3 months and to get out you only need a month’s notice after that. Thirdly, the space itself was decent, might sound silly, but the fact it had a living room and a decent sized kitchen was a winner.

Some photos from the listing:

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Snows 2012 – v1

So snow season this year was quite fun, first trip was in late July with Steven Le and Gab as well as their family, sounds rather odd for me to be tagging along on a family trip, but it was wicked fun. We were down for 3 days, staying at a lodge on the base of the mountain at Thredbo, the walk to the Friday Flats was about 5 minutes and it was also right in front of the bus stop to the other side, heaps convenient.

Luckily the weather was brilliant and skies were nice and clear. First day was spent brushing up on skills, with a few runs on Friday flats before moving up Gun Barrel express for some runs higher up. Day 2 was spent with an early morning run of the super trail and a fair bit of time in the park, with plenty of big stacks to be had. Day 2 also had night riding which was spent mostly in wombat world where a few jumps were set up, more stacks here with silly attempts to do grabs and 180’s without too much success. Day 3 was spent doing a few runs and more time in the park, was pretty knackered by then with legs not wanting to cooperate.

Also got a few vids, but will post them up once collated and edited.

Here’s the rest of the few photos taken as well as the night-riding shots, half are out of focus as the focus ring was moved at some point.