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Short visit to Slovenia for work

Visiting Kranj and Ljubljana in Slovenia. Part of my role at Arriva meant visiting some of the countries that we operate in and meet with various directors to better understand their market and what opportunities exist for us to capitalise on with digital technology.

Weather was overcast when I landed and could make out some mountains in the background.

The office is in Kranj, 20 minutes from the airport and that’s where I was based. Was meant to meet with my colleague to get some work done but due to the snow in London, his flights were badly delayed.

Kranj itself has a rather soviet feel to it with some brutalist styled architecture remaining in the city.

There is an old town side which is rather lovely and a stark contrast, buildings were painted in all sorts of pastel tones. Continue reading Short visit to Slovenia for work

The first month in London

A month has rolled by pretty quickly and I think that’s because I’ve got a lot of my life admin sorted and started the focus on looking for jobs. I’m pretty keen to get started as soon as possible so I can get some income over the Christmas period, without a job now would probably mean no work until early February (which on top of the trip back for the weddings would mean March!).

Interestingly enough, I always wanted to go back to being a Business Analyst, simply because it’d be easier to contract but I haven’t had a great call back rate. Funnily enough, applications for Product Owner roles have had much greater success, not sure if there’s less supply for the role here, or recruiters are more focussed on my most recent experience.

I’ve found a more permanent home as well, it’s a room shared with 3 others right next to Old Street station. Few things that made me choose it; first the dates lined up perfectly with the end of my Airbnb and giving a day overlap to make moving easier. Two, it’s a short lease period, 3 months and to get out you only need a month’s notice after that. Thirdly, the space itself was decent, might sound silly, but the fact it had a living room and a decent sized kitchen was a winner.

Some photos from the listing:

Continue reading The first month in London

Ito’s Malaysian

Lunch at work is always a tricky balance of quality, quantity and price, however Ito’s Malaysian seems to satisfy all of the above.

Cheap and tasty Malaysian food can be found at Shop 5 at 201 Elizabeth Street Sydney. They don’t skimp on the meat either and  a bowl of chicken laksa can be had for $8.60.


I opted for 2 chicken stay skewers, a bowl of chicken laksa and a coke zero, all for $15. Will definitely be back to try out the prawn mee and Hainan chicken rice, both only $8.60

New workplace – Commonwealth Bank Place

So in a little under 3 weeks time, I make the move across to our shiny new building which took over the site of the old Sega World in Darling Harbour. New building comes with a new style of working, a more advanced version of hot desking known as ‘activity based working’. Plenty of glass surrounds the building to let in a lot of natural light as well as making it look pretty.

From the outside
From the side

Inside is very modern and looks classy as soon as you step through the front door, although it’s got a revolving door (which i absolutely hate)

Lobby (north)
Looking up the atrium

No longer will people have permanent desks, it’s all about moving around and being mobile, at least they’re using mesh chairs :D.

New workspaces

Each area on the floors has its own feel/scheme to it with varying colours and textures.

Down from the inside
Kitchen area

Plenty of funky new furniture around, like these ear chairs which help project/retain your voice, making it easier to talk to people.

Funky 'ear' chairs

Best bit about the building is the top floor, level 6.

Top floor

It’s got a great view overlooking the Pyrmont direction and is a nice area to go outside and chill. Would make for a great place for Friday drinks.

Top floor looking out

It’s even got a BBQ! I had hoped to be able to use it to cook up a storm for lunch, but alas I have been disappointed and the BBQ needs to be booked or used for catering/functions only.

BBQ on the top floor

Balcony outside is definitely very nice and we get a tiny patch to build up a community vegie patch, as you can see, it’s sorta dead at the moment.

Rooftop balcony

Can’t wait to move in and to have some new shops/restaurants open up around and downstairs, I’ve read that Brazillian BBQ is already in the works and that makes me a happy man. Oh, did I mention we all got Mac laptops?

2011 begins, and I’m almost there

So after this post I’ll be a couple of photos from being up-to-date, but since I stopped blogging for a while until now, quite a few things have changed, I’m finally in my final semester at Uni with another two subjects to go (seriously can’t wait til it’s over) and in addition to that, I had started full time work. Such a drastic change from being able to laze around and bludge to getting up before 7am getting ready to catch the train every day to work. Days at work vary, some insanely hectic to others where you’re not too busy. Team’s been great, everyone around is heaps friendly and always willing to help out and answer questions. I won’t mention the awesome start to the year, walking out of the Etihad Stadium with a huge smile on my face, if you weren’t there, you wouldn’t understand.

Deb’s birthday wasn’t too far away from the start and I was there to take a few snaps.

Next up was my man Mike’s 22nd birthday. For some reason this kid decided not to have a 21st birthday but instead, opts for a large 22nd! I just don’t get him sometimes, but it was a great party despite me not being able to get back in at 12 as Aurorar bar sucks and no re-entry after 12 is permitted. Cover photo is in black and white because I’m moody and all that ;).

Tang turns 22

Final set of photos to complete this post is little Yvonne’s 22nd birthday, celebrated with plenty of food.

Yvn's 22nd

So just another post and I’ll be good to go, apologies to those waiting for photos (if you want them quick pay me :P).

Last day at work

So Monday was the last day of work at Arnott’s for me after working there for 7.5 months, six of which were for my co-op industrial training with the remaining assisting a major project which was about to go live after my industrial training. So, what was it like working at Arnott’s? I actually found it to be good fun, all of the teams I worked with had great people who were quite fun to be around and always willing to lend a hand or offer some advice, from which I’ve learnt a lot. Last day at work was pretty much just a farewell with lunch and a few drinks at the obligatory Wentworth Hotel, where we seem to always have lunch when someone is leaving. Some happy snaps and clearing my desk area was the rest of the day gone, somewhat sad to leave but I must go on and start working at my next placement, Merck Sharpe & Dohme, a pharmeceuticals company.

Some keep sakes from work:

harmony mug
vodafone clock & digital picture viewer

Got up to some usless things at work, and one was ‘extreme box making’ where we made little boxes using paper (at first) and then anything we could get our hands on. All spawned from looking for a storage method for wasabi peas. Ended up making boxes from a plastic bag, paper towel and cardboard cutout.

extreme box making

Some photos of the people at work:

everyone from lunch
TIO crew
CST boys + Niro
few of the Service Desk crew
guys in the next cubicle
brad one of my managers
Gopi & i
cubicle on the other side
valarie and i
lee giving me a bag full of goodies

Another dreadful Monday

Today is Monday, the worst day of the working week where you feel tired to get out of bed in the morning and the day at work seems to drag on forever. It also means once it’s over, there’s still another whole 4 days that need to pass before you reach that beautiful friday afternoon where you can kick back and relax or head out and have a awesome night out. In this case for me, it’s a night out on a cruise of the harbour aboard the boat for the Ruby Ball but until then, it’s still the start of the week and it sucks because…
Despite getting out of bed perfectly on time and leaving the house on time this morning I still ended up coming to work late, traffic was absolutely horrible down the Cumberland Highway at the M4 junction, someone really needs to improve it as traffic just stops there. Once I passed it, the drive was quite bearable, I really need to find a new route to work, the route home is fine by crossing Lidcombe, perhaps I should try taking that route to work. We’ll see tomorrow.